Rise & Shine International

Rise & Shine International

Rise & Shine International resources hope through education and micro enterprise among the Palestinians and other people groups in destabilized situations, and to also be a voice for the disenfranchised among these peoples. We are motivated by our relationship with Jesus Christ, whose love for us and for these others compels us to work for creative educational and economic solutions.

The Palestinian situation is a painful stalemate with global repercussions. In the middle of it, families try to raise their young and build a future, like families everywhere.  Every step forward has brought two steps back with new constraints.  Israeli settlements relentlessly shrink West Bank area designated as Palestinian Territory.  Unemployment soars behind the wall.  The high wall, with guard towers and check points, weaves its way through the area, eating up more Palestinian land, sometimes cutting through a farm or neighborhood. It chills the heart and soul of Palestinian fathers, eager to provide for their families.  The wall and checkpoint process generates fear and cuts deep into the previously thriving tourism-based economy. This high unemployment, low opportunity reality kills the hopes of youth that see no future, hence no reason to try.  Without dreams, people perish.

By presenting options that tap into the creativity and talents of the people, hope is reborn and, with it, focus on a future that is better than the present or past.

Rise & Shine International, a small project at present, relates directly with a few families - within relationship: love, joy, and respect from across the sea. So much gain from such a relatively small investment!  Families are growing healthy and hopeful - together!

It would be better if this work had grown faster, from its humble start in 2010, but - we are here now!  The question arises - are we going to build on this beta test, or look the other way and let the dream die? We have students in elementary school and a teenager in tutoring and academic enrichment classes. Our commitment to the several students is growing as they progress through the grades; there are (many) more that would benefit and add momentum to this trend.  Regional peace hangs in the balance.  We can no longer do this alone - we need YOU!

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