Walking With Joy

Walking With Joy

Walking-With-Joy-Logo2MISSION STATEMENT:
Walking with Joy’s mission is to help the broken-hearted individual discover a path that will transform their pain into peace

Problem being solved?
Everyone is touched by loss due to death, divorce or another major losses such as health, job, retirement, end of an addiction, relationships, dreams, or pets. Many are suffering from a broken heart. We are ill prepared to process our grief. Unresolved grief can be the underlying cause of anger, violence, abuse, loss of health, depression, anxiety and suicide.

The Grief Recovery Method® teaches them an action plan that enables them to move beyond loss by completing the grief. This will open new doors for healing and help them fulfill the life God intended them to have.

How are you solving it?
The Grief Recovery Method®:
·         Support Groups
·         1-2-1 Coaching:

Guiding adults through an ACTION plan that allows them express and releasethe pain caused by emotionalloss.

They will be able to live in peace and have tools to process through future loss. Freedom from the pain of unresolved grief enables them to:
·         Remember the past with fondness
·         Enjoy their present relationships and situations    
·         Worry less about the future

Community Singles 40+:
Providing a weekly gathering for singles that focuses on:
·         building friendships
·         growing spiritually
·         serving others.

Why are you qualified?
I have served in the ministry for the past 45 years as minister’s wife, women, youth and children’s director. My personal life experience includes childhood sexual abuse, divorce, cancer, loss of home, job, and community. I have also lived in the recovery community for the past 12 years.

What is the urgency?
Grief can either present itself as an explosion (anger/violence/abuse) or an implosion (health loss/depression/anxiety/suicide) in our lives. We as individuals, families and communities are literally dying because we are ill-prepared to process our grief. Healing one heart at a time will ripple out to save our families, our communities and our world.

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