LifeQuest Couples Coaching - Rod and Charlene Giles

LifeQuest Couples Coaching - Rod and Charlene Giles

LifeQuest Couples Coaching

Building Strong Marriages and Leadership for the Future 

Through Laity Led Couples Coaching Ministries Established One Church At A Time


 Rod Giles MA/MBA and Charlene Giles MA/LMFT 


Rod and Charlene Giles have spent the last 25 years in marriage ministry working in a large church setting. Charlene has successfully recruited, trained and supervised volunteers and knows how to create lay-led, sustainable marriage ministries with minimal staff involvement. She and Rod have felt God's call to work with local churches who wish to develop a quality, long lasting couples' coaching ministry that will equip couples for significant leadership and purpose within their local congregations and beyond.

Couples who have experienced this life changing ministry use words like "transformative" and "game changing." Client churches are trained to recruit, train and develop lay marriage coaches to create their own unique ministry that will have a significant impact on the congregation and its outreach.

Rod and Charlene teach, speak and provide workshops for congregations who want to learn how a "couples coaching couples" ministry can enrich their congregational life and prepare leaders to live out their specific purposes.

We Are Unleashing Purpose Together!


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End Date: 30 December 2017

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