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    Naphune is one of our new girls at Breanna's House that needs a sponsor.  In order to provide a girl with room, board, medicine, education that includes school supplies and uniforms, transportation and program it takes $1,800 a year or $150 a month to cover one girl’s expenses.  We would like to take 10 new girls this year into the program at Breanna’s House, would you consider making an investment in one of these girls with a $150 a month sponsorship? We will also put three people together to sponsor a girl for $50 a month each if you are not able to commit to $150 a month.   Click on the Donate To This Project button and put "CHILD SPONSORSHIP" in the comments space.  You can set up a reoccuring donation from your bank account or credit card to make it easy sponsor a girl.  If you become a sponsor you will receive a packet on the young lady you are sponsoring and a video from her thanking you.  We will also send you updates during the year.  Please join our enthusiastic team of child sponsors, someone is waiting for you.

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