SHIELD616- Ride Brad Whittle

SHIELD616- Ride Brad Whittle

On November 27th 2015, tragedy struck our community in Colorado Springs. A deranged killer opened fire on police and civilians. Three people lost their lives including an officer. Sadly, that police officer would be alive today if he had a better bulletproof vest.

I had no idea that standard issue police protection only stopped small caliber bullets. Under-funded police departments across the country struggle with this problem. It wasn’t until last year when my brother-in-law, Nathan McCrary, teamed up with Shield 616 to raise money that I became aware of the issue.

I’m riding across Colorado – from border to border – to raise money and raise awareness that we need to do more to protect those that protect us every day. It’s more than a worthy cause! Click here to read more about the challenge:

Every $1,500 raised will equip one officer with a state-of-the-art vest – capable of stopping high caliber rounds. 100% of the proceeds go directly to Shield 616 to purchase a vest for a specific officer.

Help make a difference and join me in making a donation! I’ll ride with all the names of the donors in my jersey pocket so you can take a virtual journey with me (don’t worry – no way to send my sweat to you virtually J). Every dollar you contribute will give back a truly life-saving gift to our police community!

Thank you!!

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