All of creation operates in systems, from galaxies to households, from our bodies to our power grids, throughout nature and across cultures. In business, government, academia and religion we all live, study, work, worship, shop, surf and recreate in systems.

While some systems are intentionally designed, developed and maintained, many are simply a natural result of decision affinities, dynamic inter-relationships and/or contextual influences that may be far from human intention or even awareness. Many research, design and development professionals have applied systems thinking to their work for decades. We see evidence of systems in government, the built environment and especially in natural environments. From micro to macro, systems are all around us and have been from the beginning.

If God authored all of creation in a vernacular of systems, people of faith should be able to observe, know how to translate, understand, apply and improve their own efforts to serve Him in ways that are complimentary with his systems and design. Understanding the dynamics of creation through the clarifying lens of systems thinking can enable more believers to better recognize God’s activity in spheres outside their normal context, and through that improved recognition, to better understand and trust in him through our witness of his sovereign patterns of activity in the world around us.

Amoenitas seeks foremost to serve Jesus by serving other organizations, usually those in the non-profit sector and often those motivated by faith. While Amoenitas’ motivation to serve is from a Christian perspective, this by no means limits the scope of organizations or causes that Amoenitas engages in serving with, but rather expands the scope of service opportunities to include all organizations that are working to improve the systems that sustain life, faith, society and family on earth.

Amoenitas provides professional technical assistance with technologies and techniques to help teams identify, analyze and understand the key factors in their programs, operations and/or places that can be optimized, reoriented or improved to balance, strengthen and sustain healthy systems. Services that Amoenitas provides can be applied across scale in a variety of sectors, domains, contexts and areas of practice. Amoenitas utilizes innovative techniques and technology tools to help organizations identify key issues in their systems and to integrate systems level improvements into new and/or existing projects, programs, places and/or operations.

Through our work, Amoenitas seeks to raise awareness and advance understanding about the benefits of balanced systems; that an applied systems approach can be utilized as a shared framework to bridge understanding across varied disciplines, agendas and interests; and, that understanding applied systems thinking affords a broader perspective that connects context and detail with function and structure to guide better decision making.

Amoenitas remains sustainable through a combination of donor funded projects, client and/or grant funded projects, self-funded projects or some hybrid or these mechanisms. The support rationale of any given project will be integrated as a core metric in every evaluation plan, and will be developed for every donor supported project/ program engagement. Amoenitas views this as well-balanced and sustainable approach to serving locally and globally, across cultures and contexts, through the provision of applied systems development services.

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