CAM-Famine Relief

CAM-Famine Relief

Uganda was put in Corona lockdown in March. Schools were closed, non-essential businesses were shut down. People could no longer travel by public vehicles and were told to stay at home. Most villagers survive day by day: the income for today provides the food for today. There are no savings, no stored resources, or contingencies. Joblessness means hunger and at times desperation. The crime rate has risen and many people are crying out for emergency assistance. 

We need to get Food for the most Vulnerable families: We help those who cannot help themselves, especially widows, orphans and disabled persons.

We would like to help the jobless to have an alternative source of income. Most people can access a piece of land to plant a crop. We would like to provide seeds for them to plant, so that they have both a food source and some additional income. When they receive seeds, they can stop their own downward spiral into poverty. They can become more self-sufficient and provide for thier own families.

Hey: It's $1/day to help feed a family of 5. $30 can feed them for a month.

It costs about $50 to provide seeds for a family to plant a 1 acre field.

Help if you can! Thanks for caring and reaching out during this Corona Pandemic. Thanks for letting God use you to help these families survive. God is Great!!

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End Date: 29 June 2020

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