Kumasi Christian International Academy

Kumasi Christian International Academy
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope, and a future…”         
                                                           Jeremiah 29:11

Through the Christian International Academy and founder Judy Ankrah, God is doing incredible things in Ghana!

Join us as we advance God’s Kingdom on this earth, knocking down strongholds and winning this spiritual and physical battle for Ghana’s children!

Vision Statement

We envision our children growing up spiritually, mentally, and physically strong,
to become Christian leaders of Ghana

Mission Statement

Kumasi Christian International Academy—
“Hope, and a Future” for Ghana’s Children

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NEWS UPDATE 4 Jan 2021:  Borders are open!

Judy has been able to travel back and forth again since late September 2020.  She has had her hands full catching up after eight months' absence due to Covid border closures.  During her absence, our longtime Headmaster, Mr Damba, tragically was killed in a traffic accident.  Much of our growth and our many national awards were due to his leadership and student-focused attention to detail.  He will be missed by everyone at the school.

After a lengthy search, Judy has hired Mr Vincent Amoaka as our new Headmaster, and he is doing a fantastic job.  A lifelong teacher, he is very caring and focussed on the long-term success of our children and staff.  Things are going better now that Judy can travel freely.  The latest good news is that six of our graduates are now attending college in Ghana, including the most prestigious College there!  These children have grown up to be college students and adults we can be so proud to have been a part of.  They will truly be "future Christian Leaders of Ghana!"

NEWS UPDATE 8 June 2020: COVID Impact Plan

Due to the cancellation of international flights between the US and Ghana since early March, Judy has been unable to travel for her normal monthly supervisory trips to Ghana. She has been holding daily videoconferences with her staff to keep things running until her return. Aren't we blessed these days to have video teleconferences only a smartphone touch away?

Judy and her staff have come up with an excellent plan to deal with Covid when it begins to impact Ghana-- it is not too widespread there yet. Their plan is to spread out the classes into spaces used for other purposes in order to shrink class sizes. For instance, the teacher's staff break room will become a classroom, as will the dining/worship hall, and the computer lab will become another classroom. Judy has been able to ship masks and gloves and sanitizers to the Academy, and ten handheld forehead temperature guns have been ordered, so all 450 students and staff can be quickly checked before school each morning. In addition, the students and staff are being taught the importance of frequent hand washing and special hygiene precautions. Hopefully, the impact of Covid on the Academy population will be lessened by these precautions. We'll keep you updated as things progress there.


NEWS UPDATE 22 Mar 2019:  Judy wins Southwest Airlines President's Award!

Once each year, Southwest selects some of its top people for this award. From the Southwest web site, “The President’s Award is one of the highest honors a Southwest Employee can receive. This award recognizes Employees who have consistently displayed the best qualities of our Company and contributed to their department’s success during the previous year. Nominated by their Peers and selected by their Leaders, our President’s Award Recipients are stand-out Employees who work hard, set a great example for others, and are valued and appreciated by their Southwest Family.” Judy will fly to Dallas for the annual award banquet in May, where she will be presented her award in front of a crowd of hundreds of Southwest’s most accomplished leaders. Judy previously won the Southwest Airlines Spirit Award. Congratulations, Judy, once again!

NEWS UPDATE 27 Aug 2018:  Judy wins Southwest Airlines "Winning Spirit Award"!

Judy was selected from over 57,000 employees at Southwest Airlines for the "Winning Spirit Award", which was presented 27 August 2018!  She was recognized for her outstanding volunteerism, selflessness, and leadership as she established and operates the Kumasi Christian International Academy, as well as her superb performance as a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant.  She was flown to a huge awards dinner at Southwest Airlines Headquarters in Dallas to receive her award, and was recognized and praised by Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly, Southwest Airlines President Tom Nealon, and COO Mike Van De Ven.  Congratulations, Judy!



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Josephine College

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What is the Mission of the
Kumasi Christian International Academy?

The street children of Kumasi have no “Hope,” nor a “Future”… this is why the Christian International Academy is so important!

Along with the basic survival needs of a warm meal, clean drinking water, clothing, and a safe place to sleep, the Christian International Academy also provides excellent Christian-based academic and spiritual training to Kumasi, Ghana’s poorest and most vulnerable street children.

As its name implies, Christ is first in all the Christian International Academy does. From a humble beginning in 2007 with only a worn-out wooden building, 28 students and one teacher, today it serves over 400 children and 28 staff members in multiple story concrete and stucco classroom buildings! (See the photos at the end)

Almost no funding from other Ghana organizations and international relief organizations reaches the neediest areas of Kumasi around the Christian International Academy. Hundreds, even thousands of children on the streets are hungry, abused, improperly clothed, uneducated, and have no hope of any kind of a better life. They are desperate.

As Judy says,

“There are actually kids out there in my world who struggle every day for a meal and a safe place to sleep. Education is not even in the picture if you are hungry and worried about where you will sleep that night.”

How does the Kumasi Christian International Academy Accomplish So Much?

This school is much more effective than other organizations because of one very important person—Ms Judy Ankrah!

The school was founded and is managed by Judy, who was born and raised in Kumasi and now a citizen of the United States of America. She works full time as a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant based in Baltimore, Maryland, and until 2017 has funded the school entirely from her small salary.  Thanks to the recent sponsorship of New Horizons, Judy is now able to accept tax-deductible donations to help fund the school.  She is incredibly frugal and efficient in how she allocates her funds to get maximum effect for the children and staff. She travels back and forth to Ghana at least twice a month to direct the Academy, supervise her small staff and look after the children. Because Judy raises all her funding through her own labor, independent of local government bureaucracy, she can direct it to serve the people who need it most.

She is widely known by the local children as “Mama Anna” (from her middle name), and they love to follow her and hold her hands as she walks the neighborhood on her regular “patrols”. This is why the Kumasi Christian International Academy is so successful—Judy’s personal touch and direct involvement are vital and effective!

As Judy says with a big smile,

“The children—they are what really get me going in the morning!”
What is the Urgency?

Every day, children on the streets of Kumasi are hungry, in danger, and worrying if they will be able to sleep safely that night. Any day could be their last—and sometimes it is.

By donating to the Christian International Academy, right now, you can partner and share in Judy's vision to provide a safe place to go, clothing, two warm meals a day, Christian instruction and academic training. Everything is in place—all that is needed is the funding.  Your tax-free donation will offer these children what may be their only chance to grow up into educated, mature, mentally and spiritually healthy adults.

You can literally change the course of history, raising up future Christian leaders for a whole society and a nation!

Project Manager
Judy Ankrah

Kumasi, GH

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