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Safaris With A Heart

SAFARIS WITH A HEART.  Our name says it all. 

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Bringing love, light, hope and joy to those most in need.

Although improving under current leadership, Tanzania remains among the poorest countries in the world.  When visitors tour the country, the extent of the poverty and the desperation of the people is clearly visible. 

It is for this reason that Safaris With A Heart creates exceptional travel and cultural immersion experiences which support our Tanzanian charity projects.  The mission of our projects is to inspire individuals, families, communities and organizations within Tanzania by providing means to self-sufficiency through education, healthcare and sports wellness. 

We fund our projects by generously redirecting company income through an American 501c3 non-profit organization.  We have found that that our unique combination of adventure travel and global outreach allows us to share with Americans the remarkable beauty of Tanzania and its people, create impactful lifelong memories and leave the country better because we were there.

Individual and community outreach is imbedded within our DNA.  We generously invest in the most vulnerable individuals within the Tanzanian communities…women, infants and children; and the elderly, handicapped, disformed and diseased.  We concentrate on education, healthcare/wellness and employment concerns.  The results are transforming not only to those whom we help but to those who join us in making these projects come to life.

With utmost respect to human dignity, adherence to our well-developed Charity Code of Ethics which includes strict stewardship of donor funds, charity work in a developing nation is highly challenging.  Therefore, all must be carried out with intelligence, foresight, detailed planning and care.  Needs are identified by community elders and the resolution plans are established by Safaris With A Heart and funded and managed through our Tanzanian non-profit “Outreach Africa”.

As a means of preserving the integrity of our projects, Outreach Africa adheres to our Charity Code of Ethics.

Charity Code of Ethics.

1.   Outreach Africa is registered as a non-profit company in Tanzania and therefore fully accountable to the Tanzanian government for project success.

2.   We do not mix business with charity.  Our business is conducted within our Tanzanian companies Exceptional Safaries and Exceptional Mountain Tours and our charity work is conducted through our Tanzanian non-profit company Outreach Africa.

  1. We have pledged significant personal collateral to ensure the well-being of our projects.

4.   Although the above three criteria are of utmost importance, most developing nation charities fail to meet these standards.

5.   We are frequently audited (one or more times a year) by the Tanzanian Revenue Authority.

6.   We accept no gifts or bribes.

7.   We pay no bribes.

8.   We are hands-on and self-manage all aspects of our projects.

9.   We hire our own trusted lawyers, architects, engineers and skilled workers.

10.  We purchase and inspect all materials to ensure that inferior quality has not been substituted.

11.  We purchase all materials and services directly from the source and pay only companies and government entities, not individuals or organizations.

12.  We are fully transparent with the actual cost of our projects and include these non-inflated costs in our printed materials. For example, we don’t say a cleft palette/lip surgery has a cost of $2,000 when the actual cost is $200. 

13.  Should a management fee be necessary to execute a project, we disclose that fee separately.

14.  We provide official printed government receipts whenever possible. This is opposed to hand written receipts which can easily be forged or altered.

15.  We purchase only the exact quantity of materials necessary to complete a project so there is no excess to sell off for profit.

16.  We happily work with (not for) other charitable organizations.

17.  Our quality of workmanship is superior.

18.  Our timeline for completion is unparalleled. We can save months if not years of project time.

With the above in mind, we complete our projects for 50% to 90% less than other charitable organizations.  Therefore, donor funds go much further with Safaris With A Heart and Outreach Africa.


THANK YOU for your generosity.   




Lynn Foulke has been a project manager with New Horizons Foundation since 2012.  As the reach of charitable giving and projects expanded beyond the Kilimanjaro region, a Tanzanian Limited by Guarantee Company (non-profit) called Outreach Africa was established which makes all projects uniquely accountable to the Tanzanian government.  Lynn Foulke and Roger Kaimukilwa are the owners of Safaris With A Heart and Directors of Outreach Africa.

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