Safaris With A Heart

Safaris With A Heart
The mission of Safaris With A Heart is to inspire individuals, families, communities and organizations within Tanzania by providing means to self-sufficiency through education, sports, healthcare, and employment.   

Lynn Foulke has been a project manager with New Horizons Foundation since 2012.  As the reach of charitable giving and projects expanded beyond the Kilimanjaro region, a Tanzanian Limited by Guarantee Company (non-profit) called Outreach Africa was established which makes all projects uniquely accountable to the Tanzanian government.  Lynn Foulke and Roger Kaimukilwa are the owners of Safaris With A Heart and Directors of Outreach Africa.

Previous Tanzanian projects included the construction of preschool and primary school classrooms, a malaria project for 3,000 Kilimanjaro area children, assisting in providing Concordia College (Moorhead, MN) scholarships to two graduates from the MGLSS MaaSAE Girls Lutheran Secondary School in Monduli, Tanzania (established in 1995 by Minnesotans), and the construction of an exceptional sports court for MGLSS which was dedicated in January of 2018.


Cleft Pallet and Cleft Lip Surgeries.  The existence of superstition creates a cruel world for those with birth defects. Cleft deformities are both genetic and due to lack of folic acid during pregnancy. As birth defects are believed to be a family curse, children with these deformities are ostracized from their village. They are kept in their family huts and not permitted to be looked at or touched by other villagers. Upon the birth of a cleft child, husbands may denounce the child and divorce their wives. We seek out these HIDDEN CHILDREN near and far and restore their life and well as the life of their family. The children will now be accepted by the village, they can seek education and their mothers have the possibility of remarrying. For $200, we can complete 1 surgery and provide transportation and food for the family. Outreach Africa has completed 6 surgeries so far this year with another 6 to be completed in 2018

One touching story is about 6-year old Ndaya. Ndaya and her mother walked 20 miles to take a bus 300 miles in hopes that Ndaya would receive this surgery. Ndaya’s mother was touched when Roger met them for the first time and held and kissed Ndaya. The mother said that no one before had held or kissed her daughter. After surgery back at their village Ndaya ran and played with the other children for her first time. Ndaya also began sleeping with a mirror because she could not believe how beautiful she be had become. She said she was so happy that “she no longer looked like an animal.”

Ntoma Infant Orphanage. Abandoned babies found along the side of the road, in garbage piles, in latrines or even buried alive are brought to Ntoma Infant Orphanage where they receive loving care, food and warm clothes until they can be placed back into a village at the age of two. Outreach Africa has made a commitment to provide annual health insurance for each infant and staff member in this orphanage for the next 5 years. $25 per child and $35 per staff member per year.

Solar lighting. in a country where darkness exists for nearly 12 hours a day, year-round and in an area where access to electricity is financially or logistically unattainable, simple solar lighting helps to protect families from serious injury from nocturnal accidents and from fire due to tipped candles or propane lanterns. Solar lighting also helps to protect from dangerous animals as well as provide for a means for children to study. Outreach Africa can provide a solar light for $15.

Water filtration systems. Desperately unclean water causes a variety of deadly water borne illnesses such as typhoid, cholera, and dysentery. Filtration systems provide plenty of clean water to a family for 1 year. Each year will replace these filters and re-educate the families as to their proper use. Outreach Africa can provide a filtration system for $60.


Construction of a Sport Park. Well known as the “Gateway to the National Parks” and home to Co-Director Roger, his wife and 3 young boys; this city of over 400,000 surprisingly has only one public park with a sport court. It is well understood that team sporting activities successfully keep children off the dangerous streets and teach them the life-skills of wellness, self-discipline, effort, team work, and positive competition. Together with the community children and leaders, the land that we purchase and the sport courts that we construct will be dedicated by our January 2019 group. We will be providing a safe and clean place for children to play basketball and volleyball and we will be greatly benefiting the community that welcomes us.

THANK YOU for your generosity in supporting all that we do. So little can help so many.

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