Furaha Girls Project

Mission Statement:

Ahavah: Girls empowered through the love of God!



Lack of access to basic sanitary pads during menses for girls and young women in the slums of Kenya is a major but often overlooked issue. Girls who lack sanitary pads often use crude and unhygienic methods to stop bleeding during their menses- inserting cotton wool to try to block the flow, using old pieces of cloth and blankets, old pads, or tissue paper, or just remaining indoors to contain menstrual flow. Others are widely known to collect used pads from garbage dumps and wash them for their own use. These measures often result in serious health complications. Not only is health affected, but girls often miss large portions of their school years during the times of their menses because of lack of pads. This often leads to worse education, continued poverty, low self-esteem, unemployment, and even early pregnancy. The questions for these girls is often, Do I buy sanitary pads or food?


To empower young women in God's love through:

  • Providing them with a regular supply of sanitary pads that would otherwise be inaccessible

  • Helping them to stay in school each day of every month

  • Promoting proper hygiene and good health through education

  • Showing and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with them

  • Providing Christian discipleship and mentoring

  • Sharing the Gospel and the Word of God with them

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