Mission Statement:Working to disrupt the cycle of poverty in Malawi through the power and guidance of Jesus Christ.

Micro Enterprise:

This project is designed to create real economic change in Malawi. Working with SOLES4SOULS, we utilize gently used shoes as a resource to help entrepreneurs in Malawi with an opportunity to start and sustain a small business (a micro-enterprise) of their own. Because shoes that are no longer needed are donated, SEPTS4MALAWI will be able to provide a constant quality supply of product to entrepreneurs. Because of this, they will be able to lift themselves and their family out of poverty.


Bore Hole Water Rigs:Our hope is to bring specially designed and built (in Chico CA) bore hole rigs to Malawi to drill bore hole wells (up to 60 meters deep) to add badly needed wells in the bush villages. We will be able to do so at a fraction of the cost of traditional bore hole rigs. Plus, we will not be charging for the service, just material, and living costs for the Malawians working in the project. This can take the cost from $20,000.00 US per well to $1,000.00-$2,500.00 per well.


Shoe Repair Support:

This project is about supporting shoe repair practitioners. To help boost economic change by assisting with equipment, training and supplies. There are many shoe repair practitioners, but they operate with little equipment, homemade tools and they rummage for supplies. S4M plans to work with western shoe repairers and bring human-powered machinery into Malawi to assist Malawian repairers.


Missions and Pastor Support:Projects will also provide support for village pastors and local village church bodies, along with other missions and humanitarian projects ongoing.

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