Sharon O'Connell Fund

Sharon O'Connell Fund


In May of 2018, our family lost a beautiful soul to this awful disease, ALS. Before Sharon passed away, we told her of our plans to create this foundation in her name. Her wishes, as someone who knew first hand, were to help others faced with the everyday struggle this disease brings along. It is our mission to carry out her wishes, and provide support to our local ALS community.

The Sharon O’Connell Fund was created in order to serve and support the ALS community and others with related neuromuscular diseases in the Spokane area and Inland Northwest who cannot afford the resources that their disease necessitates.

Our foundation will address the challenges this community faces to pay for the physical equipment, vehicles and/or transportation, in-home care or care in a facility, and various medical procedures that comes with supporting a person diagnosed with ALS or other neuromuscular disease.

The financial burden a diagnosis like this places on a family can be catastrophic. The necessary equipment and care as summarized above can be an extreme burden to a family who cannot financially support these resources. This foundation will strive to lessen this burden for families.

As a goal, we would like to start year ONE by serving one family and addressing their individual needs to serve the community of ALS and neuromuscular disease.. We will strive to always be a part of this community and helping in any way that we can to support the patients and families dealing with neuromuscular disease. By year five (2023) we hope to be helping roughly 5 families per year. Our goal is to continue to grow each year.

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