Emmaus Journey-Padilla

Emmaus Journey-Padilla
sam-3427.jpg Evangelization & Discipleship - Helping Catholics Come Home

In this fun and interactive presentation,  Gary shares tons of insights he gained from his 15 year journey through various protestant churches as well as interactions with numerous Fallen away Catholics and pastors. He will take you on a step-by-step journey to Bring your Fallen away Catholic family, friends, relatives and co-workers back to the Catholic faith. Using his "no theology degree needed" approach will give even the beginner disciple all the tools needed to start even the most basic conversations with fallen away Catholics.

sam-3427.jpg Evangelization & Discipleship - Spreading The Gospel in Public Setting

In this exciting presentation, Gary presents his story of how, in the midst of operating a store for 20 years in an extremely secularized world of a public MALL, Gary took on the challenge to be a light in a dark place and began an extraordinary effort to Evangelize the crazy "Mall World", one customer at a time. His presentation will discuss the many Do's & Don'ts of Evangelizing in a public setting. He covers many ways to simply and comfortably talk about and share the Faith with complete strangers.     

sam-3427.jpg Evangelization & Discipleship - Building Small Groups & Communities

In this presentation, Gary will discuss all the essential information and details necessary to start Small Group Bible Study and Discipleship Programs within your Church Community. The presentation will include the step-by-step process needed to develop a complete small group program from scratch. This includes everything from resources for Study content, building a team to promote the program, to hands-on facilitator training. The presentation can be offered as a multiple session "in stages" program to grow with the needs of the Parish.

sam-3427.jpg HOW TO - Evangelization/Sharing & Defending the Faith-Apologetics

In this presentation, Gary will discuss the step by step "how to's" of Sharing the Faith (Evangelization) as well as defending the Faith (Apologetics). He will get you excited about how easy it is to begin to Evangelize and share the amazing beauty of the Catholic Faith. He will cover everything from Initiating conversations to continuing dialog with family and friends. Then, as you continue your journey into sharing the Faith, you will eventually get direct push back, tons of questions and many challenges. He will then guide you on to the next phase... A step by step on the right and wrong ways to defend the faith, (Apologetics). With over 20 years of passion to live, love, share and defend the faith, he will pass on many hands on, and humorous, examples of his success’ & failed attempts to share & defend the faith. You will walk away from this talk feeling confident that your can begin your journey as well.
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