Plaster House Fund

Plaster House Fund

The Plaster House Fund represents two recovery hospitals in Arusha and Ngaramtoni for children from around Tanzania.  The Plaster House offers a place for these children to recover after they have had corrective orthopaedic surgery, plastic surgery or neurosurgery for a disability.

When children are treated, their parents or caregivers pay an estimated 10-15% of the total surgery and rehabilitation costs upfront with the remainder of the cost being covered by donations and grants from local and international donors.  Over the past 5 years, hundreds of children have been through our program.  Depending on the care needed,  kids stay from 3-4 days upto 6 months.

Please consider giving today to help a child who is in need of rehabliitation and God's love and care.

Project Manager
Andrew Veit and Sarah Wallis Rejman

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