Books Unbound

Books Unbound delivers informal learning opportunities to refugees.

Our first project is a customized picture dictionary for the Rohingya refugees.


Help us distribute Rohingya picture dictionaries in Bangladesh!


Your Impact:

Cost per book: $20 (includes printing, operation, and development costs)

Number of students using one book per day: 3


$20 donation reaches 3 kids per day.

$200 donation reaches 30 kids per day.

$2000 donation reaches 300 kids per day.


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The Education Crisis:

Sometimes school isn’t an option. When resources are stretched thin, education is often the first to go. There are barriers of entry to formal learning, especially in marginalized communities. These barriers include inadequate learning materials, age requirements, and lack of facilities. During a time of crisis or disaster, these barriers are heightened. With little formal opportunity to learn, cognitive development is compromised as critical thinking skills are not being utilized. These holes in education cause depression, restlessness, and increased crime in marginalized areas.
Developing a formal education in these communities can be a costly and lengthy process. Certain countries place heavy requirements on certifications and age when implementing formal education. That’s when informal learning becomes the solution.

Solution: Books Unbound

Everyone likes cartoons, especially those that look like them. We research cultures, develop content, and illustrate. Our
approach is to develop relevant learning materials in a timely manner to reduce the education gap quickly and


Books Unbound partners with local NGOs established in the camps to develop a network of Rohingya teachers and distribute the curriculum. Upon implementation, a teacher curriculum guide and training sessions will be provided for the local teachers to give alternative and innovative teaching methods.


Books Unbound was informally developed to address the needs of a small group of Rohingya refugees who fled persecution in 2015. Separated from their families, they traveled from Myanmar by boat for two months before landing in southern Thailand. They were arrested while hiding in the jungles and taken to a temporary shelter. Few learning materials were available to them and none were relatable or relevant to them. Sophie worked with the Rohingya and other volunteers to create a Rohingya specific picture-based ESL curriculum. A culturally sensitive illustration fostered more engagement. Books Unbound was born.

Since then, Sophie has been traversing the globe to connect with Rohingya friends throughout the States and all over Asia to learn their stories. Books Unbound is used to educate and break down barriers so that the true stories of the displaced Rohingya can be told.



Featured Photographer: Nihab Rahman (Instagram: nihab_rahman)


Project Manager
Sophie Danielson

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