Radiant Project Thailand, The

Radiant Project Thailand, The

Mission Statement:

To build prosperity for Hill Tribe people groups by facilitating successful fair trade enterprises.


For 20 years, Joy to the World Foundation (JTTWF) Thailand has been working to provide care, programs, housing, and resources for marginalized people groups in Northern Thailand. For the last 15 years, JTTWF Thailand has focused on caring for young girls that are orphaned or at risk of going into prostitution through a home called Breanna's House of Joy.

Breanna's House of Joy places a strong emphasis on building deeply into young girls' lives and equipping them spiritually, physically, and emotionally to be Christ's light in their own communities. High School graduates from Breanna's House of Joy are encouraged to apply to Northern Thailand's Universities and participate in the Daniel 1 Leadership Academy, where students graduate debt-free and are encouraged to build strong Christian character that value God, country, and their own tribal heritage.

With a solid set of programs and a strong track record of results, JTTWF Thailand is ready to expand their reach with a new program that will focus on empowering the families from which these girls come from to create their own sustainable enterprises.

Problem being solved?

Radiant Project Thailand is a nonprofit organization initiated to provide economic empowerment for women in the tribal villages of Thailand, many of whom are susceptible to trafficking and who live on $2 a day.

How are you solving it?

Radiant Project encourages Hill Tribe women to use their skills in weaving and hand stitched artistry to engage in enterprises that bring hope and prosperity to the village, giving them a hand up, not a hand out. Radiant Project Thailand allows each person to bring their abilities, interests, and work ethic to a program that allows them the opportunity to develop, excel, and profit from their labor by producing products that can be marketed in the US. The emphasis is on sustainability, not simply a short- term money making experience. Profits from the program will be used to expand the program and provide basic needs and improvements to the villages being served. Village artisans will have the opportunity to greatly increase and stabilize their income through US marketing channels. They will also learn basic business principles and financial literacy that will cause them to be successful in their new enterprises.

Why are you qualified?

Joy to the World Foundation Thailand has helped over 85 young people find a vocation, graduate from high school, attend a Bible College, and get access to primary education since its inception in 1998.

Joy to the World Foundation Thailand has a strong track record for helping young people find freedom from poverty and live a fulfilled life.

  • 33 young girls are living and thriving at Breanna's House of Joy.
  • 12 young women are part of the Daniel 1 women's program for college students.
  • 4 young men are living in our Daniel 1 men's house for college students.
  • 50 of the girls that have come through Breanna's House of Joy have graduated High School. With graduation rates below 30% in the villages, many of our girls have been the FIRST to graduate from their villages.

Building on the foundation that Joy to the World Foundation Thailand has already established, Radiant Project Thailand has been initiated to add a social entrepreneurship opportunity to an already successful ministry to Hill Tribe people groups.

What is the urgency?

Joy to the World Foundation is currently serving and providing for over 50 young people in Chiang Mai, yet there are hundreds of their family members who continue to stay stuck in the cycle of poverty. Extreme poverty and a general hopelessness leads to drug abuse and domestic violence; leaving young women and girls vulnerable to the sex trade.


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