Steven Powell Benevolence Fund

Steven Powell Benevolence Fund
Stephen and Shirl Powell married in Arizona in February of 1988. In January of 1989, they welcomed their only child, a son, Jesse Daniel. It wasn’t long after that the Lord called them to a unique walk. After years of songwriting and leading church worship, hosting bible study in their home, mentoring new believers, and sheltering the homeless, they were ordained in 2001 and continued their outreach to the greater body of Christ.

Originally Stephen was an electrician by trade and ultimately was promoted into project management. Shirl homeschooled Jesse through college prep courses. She then joined her husband in a small electrical contracting business in Arizona. When offered a management position in another state, the family began a relocation adventure that took them to four states in fifteen years. They always kept their faith first and continued to serve the Lord and the greater body of Christ throughout their journey which brought them to Denver, Colorado in 2012 where Stephen began working as a Project Executive for an electrical construction firm.

Early in 2018, Stephen had an NSTEMI which resulted in acute respiratory failure — diagnosed with Stage Four Liver Failure with Splenomegaly and Ascites; he had another NSTEMI that resulted in left side paraplegia with severe nerve damage in his lower left leg inclusive of foot drop. Stephen had spent four months in medical institutions. While in hospital he developed a Stage Four Sacral Ulcer. He was intubated four times, eventually requiring a tracheostomy. He spent three weeks NCU and ICU in a drug-induced coma. Today he is dependent on 24/7 oxygen supplementation.

Stephen’s wife has no income or pension and serves as his sole 24/7 caregiver. Recently Stephen was approved for SSDI and was diagnosed terminal. Stephen’s disability and Medicaid supplementation cannot provide for the family’s many medical and domestic needs.

We continue to trust the Lord for our provision and remain eternally grateful for the generous support we have received. We appreciate this foundation for their help and assistance in offering us a place to present our request for financial aid.

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NHF- Darius Rotea

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