Aydin Ministries

Aydin Ministries

Semse Aydin is a Turkish national whose passion is sharing the love of Christ with people from backgrounds similar to her own.  In 2007, Semse and her two children, Esther and Elisha, lost their husband and father, Necati, in a tragic incident.  Religious extremists martyred him and two other colleagues in their offices in the eastern part of the country.  Semse’s story of how God has led her through her this unimaginable tragedy and brought her to a place where she has not only forgiven the perpetrators but has allowed God’s love to flow through her to them, is nothing short of miraculous.  Hearing Semse’s testimony, which she shares gladly at any invitation, is life-changing.

Continuing with the life of witnessing to those from other cultures that she began in her homeland, Semse’s focus is towards the refugee population in the greater Denver area.  Working alongside groups like Lutheran Family Services and other refugee placement agencies, Semse’s own experiences have uniquely placed her to understand tribulation and suffering in the lives of those just arriving on our shores.

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