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Jenni Jessen is a wife, a mama, and a survivor of human trafficking. Sold into the sex trade at the age of 4, God provided for her rescue and escape at the age of 17. Jenni and her husband KJ, live in SE Asia where together they founded Compass 31. They are freedom fighters who have dedicated their lives seeing captives set free.

Compass 31 exists to make Jesus known

by fighting human trafficking

through prevention, restoration and disciple-making.

KJ and Jenni lead a team that trains leaders around the world in human trafficking prevention and disciple making strategies while providing foster care to teenage mothers and babies rescued from the sex trade. Their family includes 6 different people groups, a dog, a cat and a pair of turtles named Peter Pan and Wendy.

Prevention: KJ and Jenni created Priceless Cube, an educational tool to prevent human trafficking through education. Since 2012, they have trained and equipped more than 2,500 leaders in 40+ countries with Priceless Cube and are seeing communities empowered to protect the vulnerable.

Restoration: Compass 31 provides a long-term residential, holistic restoration model for young survivors exiting the sex trade. The program provides foster care, medical care, professional counseling and educational support through university graduation. Our survivors go on to reintegrate into their own communities and have a postive impact in their respective positions.

Disciple-Making: Compass 31 trains national leaders in human trafficking prevention, restoration and disciple making strategies. The problem of human trafficking is global and reaching epidemic proportions, but the solution is singular. Jesus is the only answer to ending the greed that drives the demand for cheap labor, cheap products and cheap sex. Jesus is the only answer to combat the deceptions that allow vulnerable families to exploit their children. And Jesus is the only answer to bring healing and restoration to those who have survived the unthinkable. It is our hope that Jesus will be glorified in all and through all as He continues to set captives free.


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