Flights for Fallen Families

Flights for Fallen Families
Flights for Fallen Families is an organization dedicated to financially assisting family members during their time of great loss. Whether we are assisting with reimbursing travel costs for family members traveling to the Dignified Transfer of their fallen hero, their funeral, or traveling to other memorial services for their loved one, we want to help.  Witnessing these solemn yet honorable ceremonies is a very distinct and powerful moment for families of fallen heroes. Sometimes, it is the first time they see their hero’s flag-draped coffin, and the first moment on the long and winding path to healing and acceptance.  We believe that nobody should have to miss these ceremonies because they are worried about paying to get there.

Flights for Fallen Families was created by the family of PFC Jacob H. Wykstra, US Army, who was killed in combat in Afghanistan on May 28, 2014.  We want to provide financial assistance to families of our fallen heroes, so that they may be able to find a little peace at a time of such great heartache. 

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