For MI Children

For MI Children

In Toba Tek Singh of Punjab, Pakistan, and we are working with Pastor Buta to rebuild the church and School by adding walls, and a roof.  The walls are now being worked on and we need to supply the roof next, which last fell in the last rain storm.

When these walls are finished, we are also, trying to get support for the children, at 40.00 a month per child, or 1500.00 per month to help with the school books and clothing, and food. 

We are hoping to have enough to add school desks, chalk boards, and some extra needed supplies for the school room.

We then want to add some sewing machines at 400.00 each so they can make a sewing center and have a craft, which we hope from that they will be able to create monies of their own to help them buy their own supplies, and start a small store.

The Church is the hub of the village, it will be a school, a sewing center, and a plumbing center, soon as we can afford it.  Giving women, men, boys and girls a chance at learning a craft.

So, by building the church and the school we will be able to train for each project and will be maximizing our efforts with less cost.

Please join and be a part of this life-giving ministry!


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