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My name is Eric Walker and I founded Good Ground Communications for the purpose of helping spread of the message of God's Great Love all around the world. This includes building up believers both nationally and internationally through the practical teaching of God’s Word. More specifically, GGC is passionately involved in sharing with those who have not heard, specifically to those who live in and around the 10/40 Window.

This vision  is accomplished through:

Educating: I provide world class Bible instruction for international churches and leadership training for pastors, worship leaders and church staff.

Empowering: Through the open door of English language teaching I build redemptive relationships with my students, while at the same time enabling them to double and even triple their earning potential. (English Language Teaching Certification: Cambridge CELTA)

Enlisting: As a Regional Representative for MissionNext I speak to churches and Christian organizations, challenging and enabling Christian adults to participate in short, medium and long-term missions.

Evangelizing: I communicate the the Gospel utilizing proven, powerful and creative outreach tools such as the JESUS Film to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

Expanding: I seek to extend the reach of the international ministry of Good Ground Communications as God's Spirit directs, for the purpose of maximum global impact.

Project Manager
Robert Eric Walker

Rockford, US

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