Healing the Living Stones

Healing the Living Stones

Who Are The Living Stones?

The Living Stones is a term often used  to refer to Christians living in the Holy Land.
The first Arab Christians were present at Pentecost (Acts 2:11) and have continuously resided in the Land ever since and have served as salt and light. (Matthew 5: 13-16) They have stabilized the area politically for years and served as peacemakers in a volatile and complicated part of the world.

Their continued presence in the Land is vital because of their stabilizing influence; and their witness they have been called "the glue that holds the Middle East together".

Israeli Christians (also referred to as Messianic Christians) are a small minority in Israel and serve as a powerful witness for Christ among practicing and non-practicing Jews in the land.

Why Do They Need Healing?

Because of the tremendous stress on Arab believers many have emigrated. At the time of the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 when the Arab Christian population was 350,000 or 20% of total. Today it is estimated that the Christian Arab population is down to less than 175,000 or less than 2% of the total. Similar drops have occurred throughout the Middle East.

It is our hope that we cannot only stand with these great believers in word but to do so in deed. The psychological profile of Palestinians is one of economic and personal discouragement, post-traumatic stress disorder without the "post" because their isolation now has spanned three generations without any end in sight.

Today there is only one counseling practice in the greater Bethlehem area (61,000 population) and they are able to reach very few residents because of the pervasive shame and fear of exposure related to seeking help.

Israeli Christians deal with different stressors and trauma but have very similar needs for recovery and emotional and relational support to thrive and continue to witness for Christ. 

Many experts who work with both groups of Christians across the Middle East believe this process, the combination of grassroots counseling and recovery has the potential to change the status qup in the area, Healing the Living Stones, is a powerful tool to heal these deep wounds and create a network to direct those who need greater help to the help they need.

How You Can Help

PRAY! - We  really need your prayer support to do this hard, but desperately needed work!

GIVE - Individually: Any size gift helps! Your tax-exempt gift will go towards training, coordination and supervision of those whom are serving as healers. You will receive monthly updates and testimonies of what amazing things are happening.

SERVE - Are you a mental health professional, marriage and family therapist, and Lance Brownpsychologist? You could help us train, supervise or mentor those on the front lines. How amazing would it be to train healers just up the street from the manger where Jesus was born?

GO or CONNECT - Take a trip to Palestine and Israel—get to know the people there...when you return you will find that you left your heart in Bethlehem! 


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