The vision of IdentityCraft is to see people who feel broken and immobilized launched into living their true Biblical identity, passion, and purpose.  Our mission is to strengthen, revitalize, and equip people, through scripturally based coaching, mentoring, teaching, and speaking providing a catalyst for dynamic living.

Every person's story is unique and intricately designed by God.  Before the beginning of time, He knew who they would be, what they would do, and He actively seeks to co-author their daily lives with them, for His purposes and our joy in the journey.  His desire is for us is relationship, and to gaze upon our faces in love, for an eternity.  While here, in this brief life on earth, our very best is to dig deeper into who He created us to be, lining up with His intentions for us, and to be all that we are created to be.

This is a difficult task for many, as the world, culture, influences, choices, failures, risky behaviors, outside voices, and a host of other factors can corrupt or mask who we were intended to be.  IdentityCraft nonprofit seeks to walk with individuals and groups to engage the process of God's design through discovery, evaluation, life mapping, discernment, spiritual identity, choices, goal setting and other programs and services.  People experience more joy, purpose, passion, calling, peace, and effectiveness, as they move more into alignment with God's design for them.

All of these projects are made possible by donors and grant providers, that seek to aid the community and make a difference.  Please consider making an impact on the following communities with your financial support:

1.  Peer to Peer counseling for local Douglas County high schools.  A support system and implementation program to provide peer to peer counseling training, and peer counseling to 200 high school students, in each school, throughout the year.  Guidance counseling offices are full to the brim, and many teens just need another teen to talk to.  We aim to provide for their needs and reduce at-risk behaviors in Douglas county.

2.  General coaching for low income, or at-risk adults.  From single parents, to parolees, the disabled community, parents of blended families, twenty somethings looking for life purpose, autistic adults over the age of 21, and an array of others who may not be able to afford coaching and/or counseling, they need assistance.  Support through JTTW will enable them to get the help that they need, and move forward, through their issues, with strength, purpose, and hope.

3.  Pastoral coaching.  Research shows that in any given year, 70% of pastors and ministry leaders experience depression, and 50% wish they could leave their jobs, but cannot due to their spiritual and congregational obligations.  Pastors need help, and have few safe places to be vulnerable.  IdentityCraft seeks to coach those pastors to greater balance, family health, spiritual renewal, relational leadership, and overall health and longevity in their positions.

4.  Parent and youth worker workshops.  Offered every other month, IdentityCraft Parent Workshops seeks to educate parents and youth workers to reaching teens in the digital era, decrease at-risk behaviors, and provide home environments where teens will thrive.

Your support will go a long way in making a difference in these at-risk communities.  IdentityCraft is a transparent organization and posts quarterly progress reports to all of its supporters, about effectiveness and progress, as well as how dollars are reaching individuals in the community.

Supporting IdentityCraft allows Erik to serve as a coach, spiritual mentor, guide and pastor-at-large, to those in need.  Ministry support also allows for collaborative efforts with local groups to better serve youth in schools, those in financial need, parents and blended families, business leaders, 13th step for addiction centers, and overall ministry effectiveness in many various organizations.

Biblically based, spiritual coaching is available to any in need.  Please contact Erik at 303-882-8783 to set up a time to meet, or connect via Skype.

IdentityCraft is very blessed, honored, and thankful for its existing partners.  Thank you for your continued prayer and support.

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