Mission Hope

Mission Hope

The Mission Hope is a project to reach the Muslims of Nepal with the love of Jesus Christ. After Hindus and Buddhists, Muslims are the second largest people group of Nepal. So much work has been done among the other people groups but the Muslims are still the most unreached people with the Gospel.

Nepal Outreach2Farooq came to know Jesus from the Muslim background. He is the second Muslim convert in the whole country.  At the age of 12, he came to know Jesus through a radio broadcast.  From then until now he has been going through persecution and death threats.  His wife Yasmine is also a Muslim convert and both of them have been serving God among the Muslims.

The Mission Hope has a passion to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the Muslims of Nepal.  We meet them through social activities, such as visiting them in hospitals.  When people come to the city hospitals from villages they feel lost, so we guide and assist them through the hospital procedures.  We talk to the doctors on behalf of them. Often we also help poor people by providing transportation, food, and medicine. This gives us a natural way of conversation to share about salvation and God's plan for humanity.

The Mission Hope is dedicated to establishing God's kingdom among the Nepali Muslims.  Therefore, we need helping hands to accomplish this great task.  Please pray and join our vision to win the Muslims for Jesus.

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