Music for the King

Music for the King

The main purpose of Music For The King is to train and develop worship leaders, musicians, songwriters, sound/multimedia volunteers from within the local church for the local church for the glory of God the Father. With an emphasis on youth leaders, both in English and Spanish.  

A second important goal is to resource missionaries overseas with instruments, music books, CDs and videos for their own learning and equipping experience. As well as visiting with them and listening to their needs, as we travel to their local geographical areas of ministry. It is the desire of our director, Wladimir Navarro, to partner with other ministries in making this resourcing to missionaries possible and effective.

For the local church at large, we also offer and provide training videos, seminars, workshops and clinics about worship leading, guitar, piano, bass, drums, songwriting, sound & multimedia, covering specific technical aspects in each of these areas as well as providing a Theological foundation based on the sound doctrine teaching of the Word of God.

In the area of Theology: we help the believers involved in the music ministry to understand the biblical driving principles of each of their areas of ministry. To understand why we do what we do and who is it for. Growing in humility while pursuing excellence. To help to develop a heart of worship as described in John 4:23-24

In the area of music: we help classical trained musicians to learn to be their own arrangers using simple chord charts. This includes piano, flute, violin, viola, cello, etc. We also want to resource musicians with original music as well as some of the contemporary main stream worship music.

In the area of Technology: we help the local church to stay current with the newest technologies available by training their leaders and volunteers in how to use them, to maximize their reach across all generations. Making sure we use all the tools available for the equipping of the saints as we, together, continue to fulfill the great commission.

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Wladimir Navarro

Shepherd | songwriter | producer | worship leader | music director | worship training | Music For The King director of worship development | 

Wladimir Navarro, native from Venezuela, moved to the United States in 1994 to study English and do a Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering at CSU.

Wlad joined Mountain View Community in 1994 where he quickly got involved in the music ministry and was commissioned as a Worship Leader in 1997.

After completing graduate school at CSU in 1999, where he obtained his MSEE, he also graduated with the class of 2003 from MVC's Pastoral Institute.

Wlad's passion for music began at an early age and in 1982 he completed two years of Music at the Venezuelan Music Conservatory. He has over 25 years of experience arranging/composing contemporary Christian worship music, as well as singing, playing Piano/Guitar and directing choirs.

Once the Lord saved him in 1993, his passion for music was poured into playing, composing and arranging music for the King.

Wlad worked as an Electronics Engineer for over 20 years designing and developing hardware and software for industrial controls, test and measurement hardware/software and several other hardware/software designs,

Then he quit his Engineering Career to serve as the Worship Pastor at Mountain View Community where he served as full-time staff from February 2006 until May 2013.

Wlad's main responsibilities at MVC were to lead the Worship Ministry, train and develop Worship Leaders, musicians, sound & multimedia volunteers, as well as serve as the Director of Worship Development for the Crossway Chapel Movement.

After resigning from his pastoral position at Mountain View Community, Wlad came back to work as an Electronics Engineer and continue to pursue his ministry calling as the director and founder of Music For The King, a non-profit ministry that exists to train and raise Worship Leaders, songwriters, musicians and sound/multimedia volunteers for the local church, in both English and Spanish.

You can listened to Wlad’s most recent production at:

You can also check our Facebook page and/or website: 

Wlad is married to Monica and they met in 1989 and got married in 1994. After 10 years of marriage, God miraculously blessed them with four children Andreina and Gabriela, only 9 months apart, and their sons Ruben and Rene. Music is a big component in the Navarro household, and they love to praise the Lord in song at all times.

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