Outreach to Japanese

Outreach to Japanese
Outreach to Japanese living roomThere are 14,000 Japanese in Colorado, and Christian population is less than 1 % of total population.  Most of them are still involved with their traditional religions such as Buddhism, Shintoism, and Confucianism.

We believe that small group is the best way to reach Japanese.  It is because that gathering at home is safer and more personal for them, so that we can invite new people easily.

We lead Bible study groups in Colorado. Each time we share, in their own language, the Gospel with non-believers by answering their questions. Right after studying we have fellowship by having pot luck dinner, and they become very open to Christians.

We are excited that God raised new leaders through our ministry, and they started other small groups.  Our vision is to train and nurture new leaders to reach Japanese community by multiplying small groups as well as sharing our faith with non-believers.

Pray for Japan.  Over 40,000 Japanese commit suicide in Japan every year. Since Japan had mega earthquake and nuclear disaster in March of 2011, Japanese has been still struggling with recovering from depression in many areas.  Now the world is getting smaller, and even here in Colorado, Japanese keep carrying such depressive atmosphere. Hiro also reaches Japanese in Japan, through internet website called PNYUMA by answering all kinds of questions about life.  We have also produced “Thru The Bible” in Japanese, and over 1,000 Japanese download our programs every month. Please pray that we will be able to reach as many Japanese as possible through this program.

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Hiroyuki and Satomi Fukuda

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