Pete Ohlin Project

Pete Ohlin Project

My passion for music actually came out of my own desperation for peace.  When I was eleven years old, my sister died from spinal meningitis.  After this event I struggled with depression and insomnia.  By the time I reached college I was in desperate need of peace in my life.  I believed that no matter what circumstances I faced or the hardships I had to endure; God could somehow use them to bless others.  Ironically, the only time I felt at total peace was when I  played the piano. The vibration of the piano strings resonated deep within my body, which somehow helped sooth my emotional scars.  During my time in college, when I couldn’t sleep, I would walk to the music hall and play for hours until my soul was at rest.

In 2008, I met a Navy Seal Commander who suffered from PTSD. As I began playing one of my songs, my new friend immediately felt at rest.   Due to the intensity of the experience, the Commander made a call to a friend; as a result, I was headed to Nashville to record my first CD called Majestic Rain.  It was at this point I began to realize that my pain may somehow be translated into peace for others; In a way that only someone much wiser than I could ever orchestrate.

There is one common denominator in everyone I have met in my life:  “Everyone is seeking peace in their own heart.”  People are searching for meaning in this life.   In some mystical way, the music that I creates touches each person individually and right where they need it most.  I have received letters from soldiers at war, from parents who have lost children in mass shootings, from teachers, nurses, physicians, counselors, children, and everyone in between.    I'm amazed with each email or letter I receive in the way each person is uniquely touched and moved by the music, almost as if it was composed just for them.  Two words are commonly used to describe what people experience Peace and Healing.

On a recent trip to Europe, I was amazed again at how my music transcended the different culture and language barriers.  I spent part of the trip in Holland performing and the same wave of peace and healing was felt by the people as was in the US.  I was thrilled to discover that my music could heal and inspire anywhere in the world.  

  I am embarking on a new project with New Horizons Foundation. New Horizons Foundation is an umbrella 501c3 for people like me, who do non-profit work.   This will allow others that believe in my work to share in it. Donations are tax-deductible.

Where have I been in the past 5 years:


  1. Have had radio play on 13 inspirational FM music stations in Colorado

  2. Have played at more than 50 conferences, churches and schools for thousands of people
  3. Have had the honor of impacting people from all over the world, including playing for 40 of the top Christian leaders in the world in 2015.

  4. I am humbled to have been able to travel in Europe with a friend and do healing services for hundreds of people.

  5. I have donated over 15,000 songs/downloads

Where I am going:

Radio Play

Getting a copy of my music to the top 100 markets in the US for instrumental/inspirational music. I currently am played daily/weekly on 13 stations in Colorado. This is really the only market I have tried to impact and have done so with great success. Each kit will include my CDs as well as info on me as an artist. I am looking for $50 for each market or $5000 in total.

Vocal projects

I am currently working on an entire album with piano and vocals. I have a chance to work with some really talented people and have spent the last few months with a well know vocal coach. After my first single, Jesus Loves Me, I am excited about this project because it is a new direction. I am looking for $10,000 for this project.

Instrumental projects

I currently have another 30 songs that I could record, if I had the money to do it. Majestic Rain and Perfect Love have impacted people’s lives all over the world and I would love to be able to continue with similar types of songs. Songs that inspire and heal. I am looking for $10,000 for this project.


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