Purposeful Destiny

Purposeful Destiny

Purposeful Destiny

Meg (Dr. Meeker in her book Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters) tells the story of how a few words she overheard her father speak to another man on the phone while she was sort of eavesdropping at his cracked study door “caused her heart rate to double, thrilled her and excited her, filled her with confidence and hope.”

So many girls have not heard the words of a strong father. For them it is as if the door to a good father’s words is permanently locked. Too often the door that women find themselves locked behind is because of the outrageous truth, authors Kristof and Wudunn report in Half the Sky: “in America, millions of women and girls face beatings or other violence from their husbands, or boyfriends and more than one in six undergoes rape or attempted rape at some point in her life.” By contrast, Meg  heard her father say: “I’m excited to tell you that my daughter, Meg, will be starting medical school next fall.” Meg’s response was: “My head went hot. I thought I was going to pass out. I had just received a handful of rejections. . . His tone, his inflection, and his confidence had an amazing impact. My father believed something about me that I couldn’t believe myself.”

As a Professional Life Coach, with daughters and granddaughters of my own, my passion is to communicate and make known via the voice of a good father, words that have power to:

  • Bring her Joy, Peace, Freedom, Hope
  • Discover her Own Voice and True Identity
  • Confidently pursue her Purposeful Destiny

. . . As I too believe positive things about these women that they cannot easily (if at all) believe about themselves!

 In Cambodia during a hot July in 2010, I spent one particular rainy evening visiting the home of a courageous couple, who serve God’s daughters and sons by fighting the dehumanizing violations of human trafficking and sex trade. While sitting at their dining room table, I had a life-altering experience deep in my heart. I journaled --

 It was a background sound; unending, clear, haunting, pervasive, lonely, forlorn, deep rich cello-like, from a frog ... cloaked with rain, lasting throughout this very first evening that I could not,   no ...   did not want  …  to push from my awareness. I know in my spirit that it was choral ... of children - daughters and sons - lamenting ... “Who will help us” no --, it was more pointed . . .  “Will YOU help me?” It resonates still . . .  even as I write now . . . a powerful Spiritual voice to me. Only now in reflection am I realizing its intermittent constancy ... and power . . . always present ... throughout my on-going journey.

My passion as a Professional Life Coach is to give these oppressed violated women’s voices a safe place to be heard; a door, cracked open in the midst of their dark oppression and a chance for each of them to hear the voice of a good father.

 I commit to use every known effective resource, skill and tool available and to discover creative new approaches to coach each woman who has experienced any act of godless, senseless violation of her body, mind and spirit, (domestic violence, in marriage or out, or having come out of any form of sex trade/prostitution). And to help her develop her own identity and her own voice . . .  all leading towards a life of Purposeful Destiny!

The resources I use are designed to follow an intentional pathway through interactive stages of:

1. Awareness of her current situation, with Clarity

2. Ownership/Delight in Her Identity

3. A Plan/Process towards her goals

4. Empowered Momentum

5. An outcome of Purposeful Destiny!

Resource “how’s-to’s” include interactive exercises of creativity and music and art and stimulating assessments to discern gifting, passions, dreams, values, etc.

 Many, if not most such oppressed women have been robbed of their financial resources. Can you hear their voice in your own heart asking “Will you too, help me;” and will you give to support the work of Purposeful Destiny to unlock the door for them to hear a good father’s voice? I thank you, and ask God to bless you on your own journey of Purposeful Destiny.

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