Spiritual Inheritance

    “Spiritual Inheritance” began in 2012 as a book, written for the purpose of giving a tool to families to discuss and apply Biblical truths in the home, church, workplace, community and worldwide. Having taught Sunday School for 40+ years I desired to combat a growing lack of knowledge and practical application of scripture in those professing the Christian faith. There are a variety of factors in our society, such as irregular or nonexistent church attendance, chaotic family lifestyles, an increase in single parent homes, preoccupation with various forms of media, unbelief as a society, a greater focus on academic and athletic success overshadowing the importance of spiritual growth, and the rapid spread of false teachings and religions due to an increase in communication and transportation, all of which make the focus of this organization an urgent need.  

    Many of those having the role of teaching children and adults resort to reading lessons and bore their students despite having access to the most powerful and enlightening knowledge that can be given anyone. By using a variety of teaching tools and techniques such as physical objects, art, movies, crafts, games, flannel, student participation, drama and individual and group projects, the enjoyment and retention of what is being taught is enhanced. The goal is that this organization will stir up creativity, zeal and practicality in being disciples and making disciples. 

   The truth of the Biblical teachings in “A Spiritual Inheritance” was tested by my own seven children amidst great personal family pain and found to be life giving. The impact of these teaching methods and truths has been felt by churches, communities, and orphanages in several different countries.  

   The focus of this ministry is to present the message of the Bible in such a powerful way as to stir up and bring about a generation who are not only knowledgeable of Biblical truths, but also daily apply them to their lives. They will be individuals who rise up within their families or orphanages and produce a spiritual inheritance, regardless of their circumstances. A major focus is to reach into homes and educate and empower parents to disciple their own children through their knowledge and ability to set an example. 

    The scope of this organization will follow the Biblical example of “you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth,” meaning it will go wherever the Lord leads. I was recently teaching some orphans in Romania. While there, I prayed, “ Lord, I am content to focus on needs in the United States, but, if you want me to come back here, have them ask me to.” The next morning, as I went to wake up the children, I met the director’s wife who asked, “Martha, would you be willing to come back when you can and teach for 4-6 weeks at the orphanage? You can stay in our guest house.” This is one example of the clear direction God provides to those who desire to go where He calls.

   My goal would be that those trained in the 26 attributes of Christ taught from the book, “A Spiritual Inheritance,” would embrace them as a way of life and be recognizable as followers of Jesus Christ. The hope is that they will claim their inheritance and hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into My rest.”

   As Chuck Swindoll states in his book, “Laugh Again”, the apostle Paul said, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Swindoll reminds us that Paul did not say, “For me to live is money…and to die is to leave it all behind, or for me to live is fame…and to die is to be quickly forgotten, or for me to live is power and influence and to die is to lose both, or for me to live is possessions… and to die is to depart with nothing in my hands.” Instead Paul said, “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” What are we living for? Do our children know? Will they receive the inheritance that is eternal?


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