Wilai's Winning Walk Ministry

Wilai's Winning Walk Ministry

October 2021

Thailand desperately wanting to open all their business and get back to normal living.  We are hoping to be able to travel and do outreaches.  The children pray for school to be open again.  But through all the outbreaks and clusters in Thailand, we are thankful that God keep us safe at the children's home.  Forty lives remain healthy and strong, pressing forward to growing in Christ, learning to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love each other as ourselves.  Thank you for your prayers and support of my continuous work with these precious orphans and disadvanged little girls in north Thailand.

August-September 2021

Wow!  How time is fleeting!  The girls at the children's home are in lock down.  On site schools are closed and will remain closed till the end of October.  So we provide help with school classes for the girls with online studies and on hand assignments.  Our focus is still bringing each child closer to God and living the abundant life in Christ.  We have devotions, Bible studies, food the thought and the soul.  We also do fun activities to keep the girls engaged.

July 2021

The spreading of the Covid cases are rising all over Thailand and near where we live at the children's home.  But we remain safe and healthy while the all the girls have to be in lock down and unable to attend school.  So we have online and on hand school at the children's home.  Thank you, dear sponsors for your prayers and support to keep us going to teach and train these young lives to know the Savior and grow in His love and grace.  We trust in God and have faith in HIs word. "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.  I will say of the LORD, 'He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust."  Psalm 91:1,2  God is so good to care for us at the children's home.  

June 2021

Our girls did so well at staying postitive and busy with school assighments done at the children's home each day.  Many subjects are going on from morning til afternoon.  I am busy with teaching English and Bible as well.  Hopefully, the Covid situation will be under control in our area and the girls can start the new school year.  Thank God that He has kept us all safe, as new cases in Chiangmai is getting less.  However, else where in the Thailand there are still reports of new cases every day.  We are being cautious and trusting the Lord for strength and wisdom.  

May 2021

We are in lock down at the children's home... The girls' school is postponed till June 14th and the girls are to be quarantined on the property.  Thank God that we can still worship God even thought many churches had to cancel their services.  We can have church out side every morning.  We had to stay away from our local market, since there were reports of clusters of the Corona virus out breaks.  Meanwhile, in Chiangmai proper, it is still high risk as new cases rose to a few thousands.  We pray God's protection to our girls and staff as well as the whole country of Thailand.

April 2021

I am so blessed and so thankful to be a part of God's work at the orphanage. The children at Joy to the World Foundation children's home began their Thailand summer school break this month...along with a third outbreak of new Covid 19 hitting hard in Chiangmai and in Bangkok.  But we had mission work to do and ministry to continue.... With the grace and the protection of God, all children and staff at Breanna's house of joy are kept safe.  We hosted a coupled sponsors with special events and swing set outreaches before they left Thailand. 

March 2021

We continued right way we left off last month:  taking care of the girls at the children's home.  They know that they are blessed and are loved.  The girls' wrote out their testimonies of their walk with God, their understanding of who He is in their lives helps us to further minister to them.  I continue to serve at the children's home with teaching and translating.  This month I also start my volunteer teaching English to the professors at the Baptist seminary.  When the new term begins, I will be teaching the Bible students.  Praise God for the opportunity.  

Febrary 2021

Busy time as we entered the third month that my short term missionary friend and I got to share God's goodness and blessings with people in the remote villages, the Bible school for future hill tribe ministers and the children at the local school!  Praise God for his provision and guidance. The girls at the children's home are blessed and are growing in God's love. I thank God for my friend who gave so much to promote the kingdom of God.  She returned home at the end of February.

January 2021

Happy New Year!  God brings renewal and new hope.  The pandemic may still exist in the world...but we continue to move forward and share the good news with children and adults.  What a privilege to tell about the love and hope we have in Jesus!

December 2020

My friend came to bless BHJ and Joy to the World Foundation.  As soon as we got to Chiangmai...while working out all the work permit, building permit, we were able to visit other children's homes with a Christmas blessings and also to provide an orphanage with the needed water pump so that they could have running water for daily use.  Christmas came to BHJ with joy and laughter.  I am so thankful for my family and friends that support me through out the year.  May God's Presence and Provision be with you and your family.  Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year in 2021!

November 2020

Wow!! After days of filling out paper work and completing all the government requirements through the Thai Embassy, I was able to fly into Bangkok.  State quarantine was more than 2 weeks as the counting started at day zero when I landed.  During the 15 nights and 16 days, I was swab tested twice... Thank God, both tests were negative.              Still, I had to stay on in Bangkok to take care of my friend who was coming on a business visa to build a multi-purpose center at BHJ.  God was with us even though her test was not negative...she did not have any symtoms but had to stay at the hospital 10 days plus 14 days of self quarantine.  Even through the ordeal she did not lose hope and focus.  We both looked forward to all that God will accomplished through our service in the mission trip.

October 2020

My Fall days in America was filled with staying at home with my family and working from my phone and computer to plan and facilitate a mission team that would be coming to Breanna's House of Joy and join in the ministry of putting up swingsets in the villages, visiting other orphanages with Christmas hope and blessings.  During this challenging days of the pandemic, traveling was limited and visiting Thailand was only opened to business and professional visas.  But with God all things are possible!

September 2020

Loving the girls, serving the people, sharing and connecting them to the Creator God who can give them eternal life and a life with joy and purpose. What a privilige it is to serve in Thailand!  Wow!!  Hard to believe that I have been serving at Breanna's House of Joy Children's Home for going on the 7th year now.  So thankful to see lives transformed by God's grace and love.  Praying for more years to come!  Thank you, friends and family for your support and prayers!!


---September 2019-August 2020---  Seemed like my information was lost during the transition of moving from Joy to the World Foundation to New Horizons Foundation.  My apologies to family and friends who followed my project and ministry. 

August 2019

I have been back for almost a month and have been so busy with being with the girls...teaching reading, sharing Scriptures and Bible Studies, helping with homework, playing games, cooking roti and just caring for the girls at Breanna's House of Joy and at the college students' homes. We had a small mission team that came to pray and teach the children how to pray.  It has been a priviledge to translate and help facilitate them.  Thank God for their willing hearts to come and be a blessing for all of us.  Thank you to all the sponsors of the children's home and to me as a volunteer missionary to the these special children who have been rescued from a cycle of poverty and human trafficking.  It is our hope and prayer that they may continue to grow in knowledge and love for God and make a difference in their society. 

July 2019

Thinking of the girls at the children's home and wishing that I was there making bananas and mango smoothies for all the girls... Soon enough, and I will be back there to do special treats with them!  Still, I am thankful for all the connections with family and life long friends and new friends that I have made through some fundraising events in Texas.  I thank God and am very grateful for your heart to join me for the cause of the disadvantaged and orphan children in Thailand. I can't wait to be going back to Thailand this month! 

June 2019

Translation work and correspondance with the students and staff of the children's home are still being done... even through we are oceans apart.  

May 2019

Visiting some of my family members and friends who have been my supporters and prayer partners.  Thank you for all the encouragement and wonderful fellowship...even through the internet. 

April 2019

The girls get a choice to select to go visit relatives or remain at Breanna's House of Joy for the next few weeks before the new school year.  Many girls get to go visit the village of their birth while a few remain at their safe house.  We had lots of maintenant fixing up to do while the temperature soar to over 100degrees in the shade!  We have many swimming trips with our 9 girls along with a trip to see a good movie at the big screen, a first time for our new little girls.  Teaching the wonderful meaning of Jesus resurrection is a challenge in a Buddhist society. But praise God we can still proclaim as we teach our girls, Hallelujah, Jesus is Risen!!

March 2019

It's the beginning summer time in Thailand.  Children are getting out of school.  But they still have good learning going on at the children's home, as all the staff and missionary take part in rotation and scheduled teaching and outings.  We teach them the theme of giving... God gives so much to us and He shows us how to give to others.  We also have practical application in giving to each others...not in just giving things but giving our smiles, our service and our good attitude.  Besides morning devotions and worship together, we had arts and crafts, trips to swimming, shopping for each other and eating noodle soups together...(It's a Thai thing.)  We also prepared card making for the sponsors and welcoming the founder of the children's home with welcoming program.  The girls love to visit with Uncle Bill once again. 

February 2019

February in Thailand is the month of love... People here are excited to give gifts to their loved ones.  At the children's home we  continue to share God's love and showing them how we ought to love one another because God loves us first and gave His Son, Jesus. Jesus loves us so much... enough to die for us.  The girls are blessed to know that God loves us unconditionally.... They are learning each day that as we live a life of love for God, we can love ourselves and others. The girls had know fear in their childhood but growing in God's love, cast out all fears.... these little girls are learning about trust and respect that God loves us simply for who we are and that He has good plan for us to be even more...more like Jesus and to bring joy and hope to others. 

January 2019

Happy New Year 2019!  Bringing new hope to hill tribe disadvantaged and orphan children and young adults of Thailand. Many of the hill tribe people are considered second class citizens with little to no educational background. They become rice or vegetable farmers working in the fields, not able to make enough to provide education for their children.  Worse yet is when the young boys and girls can be targeted for human trafficking.  At the children home where I serve, we are at the beginning intervention of protecting the children from human trafficking by providing a safe home where they can get good education and also learn about the love of God and Savior, Jesus Christ.  They learn to love God and live each day with a purpose and a hope for a bright future.

December 2018

I can hardly believe that it is the last month of the year. Even though Christmas is not a recognized holiday in Thailand, I am still thankful that we have the freedom to celebrate The Lord's birth at our children's home. We are also going to have Christmas outreach at the local school.  Praise God for His dominion and for bringing the Good News to the heart of young students at the Buddhist school.  Wishing you God's peace and hoy.   Merry Christmas to you all, dear friends. 

November 2018

I thank God for having the opportunity to minister to Thai people who need the Lord and also to hill tribe people, who make up the largest minority population in north Thailand and neighboring countries.  Besides sharing God's love with the orphan and disadvantaged hill tribe girls, God has lead me to serve the hill tribe Bible students from various hill tribes in Thailand and Laos .  Two days a week, while the little girls are at school, I am a volunteer English teacher at the Bible institution. English as a second and third language is very difficult for most of the 50 students in my charge. I remind the students each day that they are winners as God is equipping them for the wonderful work in their future ministies. 

October 2018

October Bible Camp during interimsemester brought several girls in closer walk with the Lord. Learning more about who God is...that He is our Good Shepherd. At the Bible Camp, the girls learned that Jesus is their rescuer in time of trouble and for everything in life. We are thankful for the mission team that sponsored the Bible Camp and partnered with us in investing into the lives of God's children.

September 2018

Our new girls, so excited about their new Children's Bible. When they first came, they were afraid and insecure about their lives. How different they are now...happy and full of joy.  They have hope for the future, faith in the Creator God and experiencing love and acceptance at the children's home. 


August 2018

Discovering the saving grace of the Savior...sharing HIs love with others, over coming insecurity and rejection... These students from different children's homes are finding the peace and joy in Jesus! Please pray for the orphan and disadvantaged girls in Thailand...that they will rise up to be like Jesus and shine His light in the dark and lonely places.

July 2018

Ministry at the local Budhist school continues...  Leading the school's soccer team to pray for the Wild Boars Team that was in the cave.  Great discussion of the world wide rescue effort to save the 13 lives and the amazing unity that was brought about by the local people as well as world wide. God is doing great things...but still lots of needs as most of the people here still need to know that Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life.  Thank you for your prayers and support for the out reach work in Thailand. 

May/June, 2018

 Lots of newness in the air at the children's home.  Four new little girls from the villages, no longer easy preys to human trafficking but are now making a new home at the children's .... Now they can go to school, have a safe haven to grow up in, good food to eat and most importantly the opportunity to know the saving grace of the Savior. What a privilege to touch their tender hearts with God's love and teach them about the Lord. 

March/April, 2018

Time is zooming by during Thailand's hot summer days. This is the school break for our girls at the children's home. The girls enjoyed special time to be strengthened in the Lord before they go off to visit their family in the village. Some will remain at the children's home, for it is the safest place for them and their only real home.  We shared many summer activities from fun crafts, swimming and playing in the water and learning more about Jesus.  How wonderful it would be for the girls to share with their families and friends about Our great God and Saviour and His amazing, undending love.

February, 2018

Giving hope and encouragement is on going when you are helping a child with low self confidence.  "English is so hard!" Some of the young girls would say to me.  I just assured them that, ' You can do it! The more you use it, the easier it will be!" At the children's home for poor and disadvantaged children and orphans, we are equipping them to be able to read Thai and English. They are learning to understand God's word from the Bible and when He would speak to their heart.  We also practice reading and writing English, when they are off from school.  The girls are learning to be brave in using English...there is no fear in love... God has good plan for those who love Him.

January, 2018

Almost seven years now that I have been serving in Thailand as a missionary to children.  It has been a joy to show God's love to the young girls who have been abandoned or have lost their parents and nurture them in the way of the Lord. At Breanna's House of Joy, the girls are starting to be hungry to know more about God.  They are beginning to ask me about God's origin, the problems of sin and the purpose of life. Thank God that His Word has the answers and Jesus is the link for them to know God more and more. After a special time of worship at a national park, the children get to have a great picnic of bar-b-cue and side dishes, along with their favorite--Thai papaya salad. 

December, 2017 

What is Christmas all about?  Who is this God that loves us so much to care about our lives, our souls.  My simple message for the students at the beginning of December was that Father God cared enough to send His best...not a hired hand but His Only Son to be a Gift to mankind to redeem us and show us the way to walk in Him.  What a privilege to share the Good News with the students. For many of these boys and girls, have never known a father's love, have the opportunity to know God as their Heavenly Father and Jesus as their Personal Friend.  Thank you, friends for your support of my ministry to share my life with the orphan girls at the children's home and to show God's loves to the many boys and girls at this Buddhist school... May God bless each of you in the coming year! 

November, 2017

"Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord..." 2Peter1:2  How precious it is when we understand God's grace... all that He has done for us and what He is still doing in our lives.  Our girls at the children's home had no knowledge of God and His great love for them.  Many did not get to go to school and some that did, started late and were behind in their education.  Many girls did not have parents to care for them.  Some times, their poor relatives or friends tried to help but they were unable to do so for the long haul.  God connected thses girls to us here at Breanna's House of Joy. They are growing in love and the grace and knowledge of God and Jesus, Our Savior.  To have a second chance for a great life, what a great way to grow up!!

October, 2017

But Jesus said,"Let the little children come to Me and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven."  Matthew 19:14   This verse reminds me how much God cares for us and the little children... some are orphans and discarded children.  But how much The Father cares for them...  Some peoploe asked me why do I do what I do...caring for these children... what about your children? My answer:  Because God cares for them.  God cares for me and my welfare and He brings provision for us all.  I serve because I love... because He first loved us.

September, 2017

Teaching God's Word at a local Buddhist school has been a privilege that I am so thankful.  In a country where there more than 98% professed Buddhists, bringing The Gospel to the next generation is paramount. Thank God for the dominion that He has given us at the chidlren's home to go to the school at will and tell the boys and girls about Jesus!!


August, 2017

Wow, Has it been over 3 years now...that I have been with the children's home at Joy to the World Foundation, Thailand. What pure joy to do what I love...teaching God's Word and sharing His love... We have been planning and preparing for a blessed and busy August... The short mission team's visit, A Biblical Counseling Training Course, A village outreach, and all the amazings that The Lord will show us.  On this day, we were on an outing to The King's Educational Center. It is part of a national effort to educate the community against deforestation and teaching about irrigation, agriculture, live stock, fishery, even frog raising... A beautiful place to learn and appreciate God's creation. (Friends are welcome to visit my blog: www.heavensgrace.org)

July, 2017

Sharing my life with these precious girls, big girls and the little girls, helping them see personally just how great our God is... He is concerned about the little things that we care about.  For children who started their lives with abandanment and neglect, finding love, comfort and acceptance is huge.  My service to these children is to bring them closer to Jesus every day, through God's Word and seeing Jesus with skin on... 


June, 2017

A start of a new season of growth as we started another school year. For the hilltribe girls of impoverished settings from villages on the back side of the mountains in northen Thailand, this is a rare opportunity. We believe God linked these precious ones to this children's home. So that they would have a safe place to live and to protect them against human trafficking, giving them a chance for a bright future and a time to grow in faith and love with The Savior. The staff and missionaries work together to teach and share God's love with the girls individually, in small groups and all together.  Of course, we face trials and difficulties along the way. But it is worth it to bring them to God and be a shinning light to their families and the world.  


May, 2017

Precious time to teach the girls about growing in God, having our roots deep in His love and saving grace. After our summer Bible learning, many girls went home to visit their relatives, for the ones that had no safe place to visit, remained with us at the children's home as we continued to care for them and share with them God's love. New school year starts up in mid May. We will have 6 new girls added on to our current 27 hill tribe girls. Thank you friends and family for your prayers and support. I appreciate your partnership with me in the ministry of preventing these girls from empoverished families from human trafficking and raising them up to be strong Christian leaders in their society. 


April, 2017

We continue to have precious summer teaching time with the girls. Then at the end of the month, some will get to go visit their family in the village. Others will remain at the children's home because they have no family or a safe place to visit. We will continue to do lots of creative activities with them.

March, 2017

The end of the school year for our girls began in the hot days of March. ( You know that it was summer when the afternoons got to be above 90 degrees each day.) After a fun celebration of our graduates, we had fun learning in the morning. Staff and missionaries provided activities for the girls including arts and craft, English conversations, Bible Studies, music, cooking, swimming and special outings each week. I enjoyed teaching swimming and English conversation through games and songs. But a real delight was sharing with the girls daily Bible lesson.  We studied about The Parable of the Sower and how to  grow in Grace and knowledge of Christ, to have our roots deepened in God's love and security.


February, 2017

 The main part of my ministry in Thailand, my native country is to reach out to the disadvantaged and impoverished young hill tribe girls. These young girls, which are orphaned or abandoned at a young age. They found safety and security at Breanna's House of Joy, a children's home where I regularly teach and disciple the girls with the Word of God. I provide translations for Thai staff, missionaries, mission teams and supporters. I am part of the missionary team that teach and disciple young girls and college students.  At the end of January, the little girls shared with me that they have been talking to their Buddhist friends at school about Jesus. Now their friends want to know more. This is a very exciting news. But how can I get a chance to talk to all the students at the government school? Praise be to God for giving me the liberty to see as many children that would come to listen at lunch recess. Adapting the teaching from my Child Evangelsim Fellowship training, I made a 5 color booklet and bracelets of gold, black, red, white and green to tell the Gospel message of love and salvation. I have been giving out the bracelets at the end of each session for many weeks, trusting God for the seed of faith to germinate in their heart. What an amazing thing that even such a simple thing as colors can be used to tell the greatest story of all!

January, 2017

A new year...and a renewed hope in God for His faithfulness and compassion for us. We started the new year with much planning to teach and train our girls to continue in encreasing knowledge and love in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

December, 2016

"Glory to God in the hightest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!" God is so good to give me a precious gift this Christmas...to be able to have my youngest daughter and my sister visiting  and spending Christmas with me in Thailand.

November, 2016

A very special event this month is the visit of our founders who started the children's home: Breanna's House of Joy and Joy to the World Foundation, Thailand. They have helped and provided care for  many girls from impoverished family who had no future of getting an education or even a safe place to live. They loved these girls as their own and come to visit and keep good communication with staff and the girls though out the years. I am proud to be a part of this children's home where we are not only investing in their future but also raising up young girls to grow into mature, Godly women to impact their world for The Kingdom of God.

We celebrated A Hill Tribe Night where the girls performed a worship dance in their languages. We went to out reach at a village and builded a swing set and shared the Word of God. I was honored to be able to be the translator for our founders where ever we went.  

October, 2016

Children are off from school at the end of their first semester. We were able to go to a Bible Camp up in the mountains. We experienced some cooler weather and a great appreciation of God's creation. We stayed at a church building in a village and shared with the girls about worshiping God in spirit and in truth, according to John 4:24.  We had 4 days and 3 nights to learn the purpose, the attitude and the action of worship that please God. The children learned that God is so good and so mighty, full of love for us and worthy of our worship.  We learned that true worship is simply demonstrating our love to Father God. 

While we were at the Bible Camp, the king of Thailand, passed away and the nation began a deep morning for a great king. At the children's home, we prayed for the royal family and for Thailand to come to know Our Living God, The King of King.


September, 2016

Teaching the girls about snow... They had never seen snow, the girls had many questions about what snow is like.  We watched a video about snow, had shaved ice and made paper snow. The girls continued to grow to know more about the Savior and learning about our powerful, faithful Lord God and how to trust Him for every part of their lives. Some of our girls have been abandanted and neglected, while others have lossed one or both parents due to human trafficking, drugs, illnesses or accidents.  The girls came to our children's home with many insecurities and trust issues. We helped them to gain confidence in themselves and experience God's loving care as we live our lives among the girls as God's children.



August, 2016  How great is our God? The girls at Breanna's House of Joy Children's Home have been learning about this all month and will continue to do so. Every day and each week end, they learned that God is all powerful, all knowing, able to be every where at the same time.... He created this beautiful world for us. He loves us unconditionally and desire for us to know Him deelply.  We studied these attributes about God through His Word and Bible stories, acting out in skits and memorizing Scriptures and reminding ourselves everydayabout the goodness of God in nature and the blessings of our lives.  Besides teaching the girls at the children's home, I also continue to go into the local school to teach English twice a week and each Friday to share about Jesus to a large audience, about 250 boys and girls. Praise God that He has given us freedom to present the Gospel to the students at this school!


July, 2016 Teaching at Breanna's House of Joy Children's Home after school hours and during the day, I volunteer at the local school. Teaching English class for an hour a day during the week, allows me to interact with our girls at school, teach their classes and get to know the teachers and staff. Given the opportunity to share with some of the students about the Lord is a treat! This month, we are in the midst of rainy season. Thank God for the much needed rain to relieve the drought that were are having. Our girls are doing well and growing healthy and strong each day. They have their moments of joy and struggle as we live life together and learn the wonders of being children of God. The monsoon season brings about swarms of mosquitoes and extra itchiness due to certain parts of skin being too damp for too long.Please pray for us the our hill tribe girls.

June 30, 2016

It was so good to get back on my feet again since the beginning of June. Thank you for your prayers, my foot is healing more and more each day. I was back to venture outside my room and teach the staff English in the mornings and go to the local school to volunteer in the afternoons. This allowed me to visit with our little girls and to get to know their teachers.  My challenge is to help our new girls to come to know the Lord and find themselves in the new identify and safety in Christ. Please pray with me that they will see themselves no longer as poor orphans but children of God with rights and privelege thereof... 


May 18, 2016

School has begun for our girls at Breanna's House of Joy. So did the contiuation of my sessions for English help, Bible Studies, Learning Games and just sharing about life in God.  It is good for the girls to see that with hope and trust in God, we can go through any life's storms. When my foot got infected by a stray cat's bit and could not walk for 2-3 weeks, the girls got to pray for me and to see God's Grace in action. I may have been in bed, but the girls can still came to my room for homework help, Bible questions, prayers and just to play board games that are good for their brains. 


April 22,2016

 The finale of summer for the girls was a visit by college students who came to work with all our girls to help them practice English through games and conversations. Our girls had a full summer of Bible Camp, English interactions, lots of games and lots of smoothies and cool drinks. Thank you for your support to allow me to minister to our hill tribe empoverished girls. Thank God for bring them here to Breanna's House of Joy. Here, they gain many enriching experiences and grow in faith and closer walk with The Savior! 

 April 8th, 2016

Summer in Thailand is going on full blast with 104 degrees in the shade! We take our girls to the pool and teach them to swim. For girls who have been growing up on the back side of a mountain, it is a special event to be able to swim in a pool of cool, blue water. But no matter the weather, at Breanna's House of Joy, we provide a safe home for little girls who have no homes.  Many of our girls got to visit at their villages for a few days. It is our hope and prayer that they will have opportunities to share Jesus with their hill tribe relatives. We look forward to hear of their news this Sunday, April 10th when they return. For a few girls with no safe place to go to, they remained at the children's home. We enjoy learning together in worhiping, cooking, gardening, practicing English and learning more about being valuable and loved by God and how to reach out to others with His love.

Please check out short articles of our activities at www.heavensgrace.org                                                    Facebook name: heavensgraceinThailand




March, 2016

Wow, It is hard to believe that it has been nearly 5 years ago that I entered into Thailand as a teacher missionary. Thank you for friends and family who have given financially and prayed earnestly so that I can continue to do the work that God had called me in reaching the orphans and disadvantaged children in Thailand. Your giving allowed me to share with the girls Bible truths each week, to show them who they are in Christ and God's purpose for their lives. I teach and tutor English to some 32 girls every day so that they can be successful in communication and education. I also do personal outreach to single mothers and widow as the Lord would lead. Most Thais still have never heard the Gospel. They need to be shown Jesus, with skin on. Your contribution also helps me as a mother to be able to support my own children in America and Thailand with their college and Bible school education.  I am thankful for the peace and joy that my children in America are cared for while I continue to do the work here in Thailand. 





Wilai Wilkerson, Missionary Teacher in Chiang Mai, Thailand   for updates, go to www.heavensgrace.org

          As a mother, teacher and pastor's wife, Wilai Wilkerson sensed God's urging her to use what she has experienced in her life to serve widows and orphans in Thailand.  Wilai was born and raised in Thailand, but lived for 30 years in America.  She speaks both Thai and English fluently.  A few years ago, Wilai's pastor husband told her, "Wilai, get ready, when God says so, we'll go do missionary work in Thailand!"  In 2010, her husband was diagnosed with cancer and three months later he passed away.  In 2011, Wilai, along with her daughters, was on an airplane back Thailand to follow her calling. 

          After returning to Thailand, Wilai began to work with single mothers who needed to learn English, sharing life on life, and volunteering as a teacher at a Christian school and as a caregiver at a home for HIV infected girls.  Now God has directed her to reach out to disadvantaged hill tribe girls, working with Breanna's House of Joy under The New Horizons Foundation.  Her experience as a teacher and her dual language skills are a perfect fit for ministry with Breanna's House and the other outreach ministries of New Horizons Foundation in Thailand .  Please support her work in Thailand through this website, she has become an important part of this thriving ministry. (www.breannashouseofjoy.com



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Wilai Wilkerson

Chiang Mai, TH

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