Capture the Vision

Capture the Vision

Pueblo Colorado has seen a sharp increase of poverty and homelessness. Families have resorted to living in warehouses, cars, and couch surfing with friends or family. Those in need do not have access to showers and/or free laundry facilities. Without basic hygiene services these individuals suffer extreme humiliation and loss of dignity in every area of life. Children attending school are mocked by class mates for their appearance and lack of hygiene; men and women attempting to find a job are unable to be presentable for interviews; and the working poor that desire to keep up appearances are in jeopardy of losing their jobs (KOAA News 5, 2015). 

Our team envisions Pueblo as a thriving community. We desire to partner with those in need to overcome poverty & homelessness. Our first step in partnering with our community is to provide shower & laundry facilities, a thrift store, personal storage lockers, resource center, personal hygiene items, and clothing. Our facility will be conveniently located and will assist anyone that expresses a need. 

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