Apologetic Ministry In Ukraine

Apologetic Ministry In Ukraine


Our main emphasis is threefold:

  • To warn God's people about the dangers and deception of the cults, occult, and aberrant Christian movements.
  • To train God's people to discern between truth and error and defend the faith.
  • To mobilize God's people to resist the advance of the cults and win cultists to Jesus Christ
Our mission

CFAR is literally the only counter-cult evangelical agency. There are some other creationism related apologetic agencies, but there are no equivalents to CFAR in the whole of Ukraine. At the same time there is a growing number of pseudo-christian groups. And in that sense CFAR is making a huge impact among Evangelicals.


Uniqueness of scale

Biblical approach

Outstanding need

We are not limited to one denomination only but rather able to serve many. That makes our ministry serving practically ALL the Evangelicals of Ukraine.

Our approach to cults that we teach is not to argue but to win souls by using ‘their own’ original sources in compare with the Bible

Ukraine has a lot of different pseudo-Christian groups and most apologists in Ukraine address creationism vs. evolution, we are the only Evangelical counter-cult group

Project Manager
Funding Period

Start Date: ---

End Date: 29 June 2019

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