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Project AP

Jonathan Latta is a graduate of Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs with a certificate in Missions and Business. God has led him to the Asian-Pacific rim to minister in the marketplace by training business leaders to follow godly principles to affect the economy of the area. Street ministry will be a main focus of evangelism through skits, music and preaching while also working with the Charis Bible College extension school in Hong Kong.

Communication is vital to reaching others and Jonathan will be enrolling in language school to learn Cantonese for immersion into the culture of the Asian people. Trips to Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore have given Jonathan a heart for the Asian Pacific area and his desire is to follow God’s leading by focusing his life on this part of the world.

Your gifts to Project AP (Asia Pacific) will be used to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ in Asia.

May you be blessed abundantly as you give of your resources to help others around the world.

Project Manager
Jonathan Latta

Colorado Springs, US

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