Global Hope Connections

Global Hope Connections

We’d only known the Lord a few years when He called us to proclaim His Name to the nations! Who were we to do such a thing? We had a million questions, but we focused on one thing: JESUS. He was and is our Way, Truth and Life. “He who believes in Him shall not be disappointed” (I Peter 2:6).

We left our homes to proclaim Christ. Have lived in six foreign lands. Traveled to 90 countries. Been led of the Lord to do unimaginable things. We’ve loved on refugees in Middle Eastern camps; advised Presidents in Latin American palaces; worked in war and disaster zones; ventured to places friendly and hostile to the Gospel; distributed countless Bibles and Christian books; shared Him on television, radio, newspapers and social media; preached to large and small crowds; been welcomed and ridiculed; witnessed miracles; helped spark revivals; launched and overseen projects resulting in 2 million decisions for Christ.

Our kids are grown and pursue their own Christian service to the nations. We now live in the Ecuadorian Andes, on call to serve locally and globally. In 2020, we'll connect with people around the world. We would love for you to join us and do together what we cannot do alone! 

We endeavor to: 

  • Promote digital ministry resources for the world’s 3.5 billion smart phone/internet users
  • Create and distribute innovative Christian materials for the Spanish-speaking world
  • Train Sunday School teachers to disciple this generation's youth
  • Conduct Bible studies, seminars and retreats
  • Host international guests and teams to facilitate local and international ministry outreaches 
  • Share the Gospel and make disciples with whoever, wherever and however God leads us

We welcome your prayers, support and even your visit to Ecuador to stay with us and hear about all God is doing.  


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