Abandoned Babies for Christ Ministry (ABC Ministry)

Abandoned Babies for Christ Ministry (ABC Ministry)


Abandoned Babies for Christ Ministry’s mission is to provide each baby with a safe haven home in which they can heal and grow. A safe place while police investigate their case; decision is made by Social Welfare Services as to where the baby needs to be and all the paperwork is put in order for the baby. To care for and nurse babies, who are often close to death, back to health by providing the necessary medical treatment needed. ABC works closely with Baylor Pediatric Clinic, Swaziland, where our babies go for all their treatments, testing and medicines.

With adoptions closing down in 2010, we were asked by out Deputy Prime Minister of Swaziland, to focus more on becoming an emergency placement / place of safety home for babies, whereby Social Welfare Services could bring us babies who were in immediate need of placement, to care for while the police investigated further. ABC now operates as an emergency placement / halfway house for babies from birth up to 3 years old. Babies are brought to us until either they are returned to a suitable family member or are moved to another permanent children’s’ home at 3 years old.

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