Move of God

Move of God
Our mission is to see faith in the next generation by intentional discipleship and community engagement.

People in the next generation are in constant state of searching for answers in the wrong places, leaving them more broken and confused than they were before. 4% of millennial population claims to have faith as a Christian, and only 1% of those are active in their faith. This needs to be addressed because being able to show them where to find answers and how to be bold in their faith will prevent a lifetime of exhausted efforts seeking something that does not sustain.

Move of God project will work to solve this problem by providing intentional relationship-building communities and discipleship-driven outreach. This will bring people into a place where they do not feel alone in their brokenness, but are intentionally poured into consistently. Our heart is that people will realize we all have our own struggles, and that hiding these problems does not help them or other people heal. Bringing people into community is essential and makes room for encouragement, accountability, and freedom in their life through Christ.
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