Destiny Project

Destiny Project


Our mission is to provide 18-25 year old girls who have come out of a life of prostitution and trafficking a spiritual foundation, a family, a space to become independent adults growing toward their God-given purpose.

Destiny Project’s goal is to provide each of these girls with a FAMILY to help fill their needs for a safe and secure environment, and to further love and equip these girls with everyday life skills for between 2-4 years, depending on the girl and her case. This partnership helps support them as they build their confidence, skills, finances, and relationships so they can transition sustainably and successfully into independence in pursuit of their dreams.

Destiny Project not only helps these girls to establish themselves through meeting their social and financial stability, but also helps provide these girls with resources to continue healing and developing various job skills so they can pursue their career goals with emotional and spiritual stability. The overall goal, of course, is to see each of the girls pursuing, more than anything, relationship with Jesus, walking with Him and experiencing the freedom that comes from that relationship as they move into independence and adulthood.

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