Encompass Program,The / The Sinners to Saints Ministry

Encompass Program,The / The Sinners to Saints Ministry


The Encompass Program is designed to provide both veteran women, and non-veteran women with treatment for PTSD, addiction recovery. 

  • By providing a safe shelter.
  • Counseling and recovery treatment.
  • Vocational training.
  • Human trafficking victims secure treatment facility.
Problem Being Solved? 

The need for a safe environment to provide counseling, recovery, and vocational training will reduce incarcerations, recidivism rates, and lives at the same time reducing the cost to the State. 

How are you solving it? 

Prison mentorship and recovery program.

What is the urgency? 

The rise in drug overdoses, the opioid epidemic, the cost of incarcerating women that have a substance issue – self medicating due to PTSD, and the human traffic crimes that plaguing our communities.


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