Lead Well Ministries

Lead Well Ministries


Lead Well Ministries exists to teach, train, and transform lives in the area of personal and spiritual leadership through biblical teaching, personalized leadership training, and real life application. 

Lead Well Ministries focuses primarily on the following three areas:

1.  Bible Teaching:  Lead Well Ministries is committed to teaching the Bible as we believe it is impossible for lives to be truly transformed without the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In Romans 1:16, Paul says the gospel is the “power of God for salvation.”  Through gospel-centered teaching, Lead Well Ministries seeks to impact everyday lives of people.  These services may include: podcasts, video teaching series, writing, and/or ministry gatherings.  

2.  Leadership Training:  at Lead Well Ministries, we do not believe leadership is only reserved for the select few.  We believe leadership is more than positional, we believe leadership is personal.  As a result, Lead Well Ministries offers a variety of leadership training options to help individuals grow in their personal and vocational leadership capacities.  These services include leadership workshops, personal coaching, seminars, and will take place in both Christian and secular contexts.  

3.  Global Missions:  Lead Well Ministries takes the Great Commission very seriously.  Matthew 28 makes clear that “making disciples” includes “teaching” and “obeying” (knowing and practicing).  In addition, Lead Well Ministries believes the need for Bible Teaching and Leadership Development is both significant and urgent in many places around the world.  Many churches and pastors lack the resources for personal and spiritual development and transformation.  At Lead Well Ministries, we want to take the resources we have around the world.  These services would include international pastor training, leadership coaching, and basic human care. 

If you would like to contact Lead Well Ministries or have questions, please email 4thegospelmin@gmail.com.  Thank you for your interest in this ministry.


Wes Feltner, Ph.D.

Founder of Lead Well Ministries


Project Manager
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