Foreknown Ministries exists to walk alongside parents during pregnancy or infant loss and help them experience the healing that Jesus Christ brings. We provide resources, community, programs, and practical advice to those parents thrown into the deep end of grief upon the loss of a child. Our heart is to push people toward the ultimate healer, Jesus Christ, amid difficult times. We accomplish this through our website, blog, social media channels, retreats, seminars, programs, and products. 

In 2018, our co-founders, Alyson Brown and Kelsi Cole lost both of their children during the late stages of their pregnancies, within two weeks of each other, working at the same company. They were able to walk together through grief and share in the practical steps of what to do immediately after losing a baby. As followers of Jesus Christ, both Alyson and Kelsi and their husbands wrestled with God to find healing and trust in God’s ultimate sovereign plan for not only their lives but to live in peace for His plan for their children. 

Month’s later, Alyson and Kelsi discovered that God had given them the same vision-- that God would use their stories to minister to other hurting women that were in the same place as they were. On October 15, 2018, on Pregnancy Loss and Remembrance Day, they launched Foreknown Ministries, an online community where they could create engaging content and share the hope of Christ with others experiencing grief in this particular area. 

Foreknown Ministries looks to add:
  • Day retreats and seminars (initially across the front range of Colorado, then nation-wide)
    Pregnancy Loss Journal (Currently in production)
  • Digital Support Groups
  • Digital Counseling
  • Materials to be placed in bereavement boxes in hospitals
  • Speeches to local groups
  • Weekend retreats in multiple locations 
  • Books, white papers and ebooks
  • Products

To learn more about Foreknown Ministries or encourage somebody in pregnancy or infant loss, please have them go to

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