Janstan House of Refuge

Janstan House of Refuge





The mission of Janstan Home of Refuge is to provide shelter, support, advocacy, training and education to support the needy through healing services to the displaced women and children in the community.


Our vision is to uplift the status of vulnerable women and children in the society through meaningful engagement.


·         Empowerment- committed to serving with compassion, empathy and casting hope.

·         Respect- all people should be treated with consideration, equality, justice and dignity.

·         Confidentiality- our fraternity is committed to act in an ethical, confidential and honest manner.

·         Integrity-we are committed in acting in an ethical and honest manner.

·         Team work- committed to effective partnerships between the staff, volunteers and the whole family at large and seeking opportunities for partnership with the community and other humanitarian organizations.


Jane is the founder and the vision bearer of Janstan Home of refuge situated in Witethie in Kiambu County. The rescue home was founded in April 2018. She started the project out of great desire and a calling in her to help the homeless women and children who need hope in life. She started by collecting the women in the streets towards the end of last year, later on January she registered the organization and started working formally. She opened the center in witethie with six women and nineteen kids. Jane’s calling was towards women but she later implemented her plans into accommodating kids too since the women came with their kids. This farther sparked the need to build an academy within the center where the kids could continue with their education.

Janstan Home of Refuge was established and accommodates 19 kids, 11 of whom attend the school and 8 kids in grade 4, above it all she enrolled them in a boarding school.

The provision of comprehensive and effective care and support for people affected by situational crisis in Kenya falls far short of their needs. While there has been a great effort in establishing a shelter; offering counseling and prevention activities and rehabilitation; provision of quality care and support services have not kept apace mainly due to lack of capacity in various economic and social activities (both technical and financial).

We seek to work with charity groups based in Kenya in a one-year sustained capacity building program which will target technical capacity in provision of comprehensive support and Care services as well as strengthening of institutional capacity for management and resource mobilization, monitoring and evaluation.

Janstan Home of refuge has worked with the target Women groups from the past year and conducted capacity building activities for all of them.



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