Faith Comes From Hearing

Faith Comes From Hearing


Faith Comes From Hearing Ministry seeks to share the Gospel, make disciples, plant churches, and catalyze movements so that all people in East Africa will have the opportunity to put their faith in Christ from hearing the Good News.

The poor, unstable, and war-torn countries in East Africa have created an environment where hope is a foreign concept. Many families have lost their homes as well as loved ones in the ongoing conflict. Among the millions of suffering refugees in these countries there isn’t anything to hope for. Faith Comes From Hearing believes in the unparalleled power of the Gospel that brings true hope and life into the most hopeless and dead environments in the world. I believe that through sharing the Gospel, making disciples, planting simple churches, and catalyzing movement to see God’s kingdom come in East Africa will bring new life and new hope into this suffering region. 

"So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ" Romans 10:17

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Faith Comes From Hearing

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