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Story Hive was created as a safe, secure and private community, where missionaries and nonprofit users can share their story with their friends and family back home in a safe and secure online environment.


  • To provide new technology to Missionaries
  • To provide safe and secure communication tools
  • To provide our platform free to approved Missionaries
  • To promote the private sharing of missions work 


Missionaries often can’t use social media to communicate with family and donors for fear of retribution by the groups and governments that don’t support their mission. People and groups fear putting information on these sites that may compromise themselves, their jobs or their causes. We offer a private secure story media site where people can tell, preserve and share their story, where they have full control and own their data. They choose to connect with those who they trust.


We see a world where missionaries and nonprofit users are supported and free to help and uplift others. We see people supporting one another, in a safe and secure online environment, no matter where they are in the world. A place where no one ever feels alone.


There is currently no technology in the marketplace that solves the problems we are solving.        

Donations will allow us to cover the costs to provide this platform free of charge to missionaries and other nonprofit users who need a safe place to communicate with family friends and donors.  


The cost for a single missionary using this service is $100 per year. This covers costs related to storage, data transfer and security. StoryHives™, a certified 501c3, is seeking donations in order to scholarship annual accounts to missionaries in need of this service. Every $100 you donate pays for a missionary to use StoryHives™ for an entire year. All donations are tax deductible.

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End Date: 30 August 2020

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