Mission: To promote unity through love in action.

Amen has the vision to promote inclusion and integration among the different cultures in Central Oregon: mainly American and Hispanic cultures. We create spaces where both cultures can come together and have their social, physical and spiritual needs met. "Amen in Spanish means "go and love". Now is the perfect time to do just that.

During the challenging COVID crisis, we were able to provide food for hundreds of families in need in Central Oregon. We also partnered with a local food distribution company to pack and deliver boxes of produce to families in need, thanks to a local grant they received. The efforts of the Amen team along with many volunteers and donors allowed our local Latino community to not feel alone during those very tough times.

Currently, our project is focusing on meeting the needs of latino families who form part of our bilingual church community at Iglesia Westside. Unexpected needs always arise, so we are extremely grateful to have the means to meet those needs as they come!

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We are grateful for your support!

-Ashlen and Gonzalo

Project Manager
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