PEARLS Program of Colorado

PEARLS Program of Colorado


PEARLS Program to encourage active rewarding lives

PEARLS Program of Colorado is an intervention for older adults with a depression or dysthymia diagnosis. PEARLS aims to reduce symptoms of depression and suicidal ideation and improve quality of life. During six to eight sessions that take place in the client’s home and focus on brief behavioral techniques, continued support takes place over a period of 19 weeks. PEARLS counselors empower individuals over 60 to take action and make lasting changes so they can lead more active and rewarding lives.

PEARLS of Colorado is for individuals who:

Are 60+ years old

Live in El Paso County Colorado

Are experiencing depression symptoms

Meet the requirement of a depression screening

Also those that are isolated due to Epilepsy


Project Manager
Cynthia Margiotta

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Funding Period

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