Compass Ministries

Compass Ministries

Our mission is to provide emotional, social and spiritual support and encouragement to missionaries and their children at no cost to them.  Research suggests that quality Member Care reduces the risk of burn-out in cross-cultural workers.  Compass Ministry is based in St. Petersburg, Florida, and provides a variety of services to help missionary families. We provide debriefing, pastoral counseling for individual or marital concerns, pastoral care of children using play therapy techniques, filial therapy training for missionary parents, and practical help for missionaries who are tired and discouraged. 

+Compass groups are fellowships for college-aged and post-college MKs (missionary's children) sponsored by Compass Ministries to provide mentoring and encouragement to college-aged missionary kids.  Compass Ministries sponsors a Spring Break in Florida program for the entire month of March each year to provide a safe, wholesome, inexpensive and fun spring break experience for college-aged MKs. Compass also sponsors a Southeast Regional MK Winter Retreat in southern Georgia, also for college-aged MKs.  Registration information for both of these programs is available on our website.  Visit to find out more!



Project Manager
Vivian Lacuesta

Saint Petersburg, US

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