Heritage Work, The

Heritage Work, The

The Heritage Work vision is to make pastoral care, mentorship, marriage vision, and spiritual friendship available through organic relationship and neighborly hospitality to my local community, outside the organized church, to anyone.

The HeritageWork is in its 19th year. It is a pastor, Pat Harrison, learning the art of availability and practicing welcoming hospitality toward his neighbors, coworkers, and the very next person he meets, modeling for them to do the same. He serves alongside an advisory committee and is guided by their wisdom, and mutually guides them in vision for their lives as well.

Pat is available out of his home, with his wife Sarah, to guide individual lives, men's groups, and marriages.  His method is to emulate the way of Jesus, walking the neighborhoods and knowing people by name, being an embodiment of hope and peace.

The world has never been more connected and affluent, yet never more disconnected, depressed, hopeless, fear-based, polarized, and fragmented than now. Our vision is that hope and genuine transformation is possible, begin at home, and spread life to life, through genuine modeling and mentorship in love, being present to those already at our doorstep. 


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Patrick Harrison

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