Trikirion Films presents Sacred Alaska

Currently fundraising for Trikirion Films' innagural project called Sacred Alaska.
Trikirion Films was founded in 2020 by Simon Scionka. Through creative storytelling, we hope to plant seeds of truth in order to move people towards what is good, true, and beautiful. We strive to get beyond the filters of our often polarizing culture that immediately shuts down important conversations that don’t fit the modern narrative. We hope to inspire, challenge, and encourage our audience to think deeply about essential issues of life, faith, and what it means to be human.
The inaugural film project for Trikirion Films is entitled Sacred Alaska, which seeks to share the story of the first Christian missionary work to the Native Alaskans and explore the lasting legacy of their work and efforts throughout the islands and the mainland. Long before Alaska became part of the United States, there were Christian missionaries living amongst the native peoples. These missionaries, who brought whole villages and tribes to Christ, travelled vast expanses of sea by kayak and land by dog sled. They defended the natives against oppressors, built churches, created alphabets for indigenous languages, and cared for widows and orphans. These missionaries and their approach to missionary work — attentive to cultural differences and “incarnational” in ethos — can serve as a guide today for how we care for our environment and for one another. 
Thank you for donating to our project and helping us take this story to the world!
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