What is Elevate?


1. To move or raise to a higher place or position; to lift up.

2. To raise to a higher intellectual or spiritual level.

3. To raise the spirits.

4. To raise (the voice) in pitch or volume.

Elevate’s mission is to lift up, to empower, and mobilize local churches, both inside and outside of at risk neighborhoods, to work together strategically to reach and transform impoverished neighborhoods.  This happens by “Elevate” churches (those within at risk neighborhoods) reaching out and building relationships with their neighbors through meeting the felt needs of individuals and families, and demonstrating the love of God in action and in friendship which opens doors to share the Gospel, elevate lives and make disciples of Christ.  Elevate churches are encouraged and assisted through partnership with Elevate Partner Churches (those outside the neighborhood) along with Para-Church Organizations working in the city.  Elevate is a relationship based model by which systemic change elevates persons lives out of their current needful state and into what God has intended for them. Through God’s Church, the heart of God for the poor is strategically and intentionally revealed citywide, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, to bring the most accountable and lasting change so that the poor become stable, secure individuals that in turn help their neighbors.  In kind, those reaching out and those supplying that which is needed will continue to grow in their relationship with Christ, being discipled, and becoming disciple makers.  God’s Name is lifted up, His Church is blessed through obedience to His desires, and He is glorified!

Project Manager
Russell Gooselin

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